Walt's Barn

I’ve always been attracted to model trains and railroad trains. Their spectacular majesty, those big vagons in size of small houses, that shivering sound of iron cries from the turning of giant wheels on railroads… I don’t see machinists much but perhaps from the movies and cartoons we’ve seen, mostly old, fat, probably with coal dirt on him but cheerful uncles come to mind. Probably they have uniformed and well educated young drivers now. Of course knowing the truth doesn’t block imagining, if we rely only on facts, we wouldn’t have dreams, do we?

Although automobile tours are an indispensable joy for some people, I am one of those who prefer train journeys. Haven’t had the pleasure to travel with trains that had renewed in the last couple of years in Turkiye but I always prefer trains in Europe when I travel from a city to another or even between countries. Train trips are not so economical in Europe; but on the other hand to see well preserved, spectacular beauty forests, fields, greenery, villages and small towns that hasn’t been changed for maybe hundreds of years is a great pleasure. During these train journeys, I daydream by looking at the beauty of scenery; think of my goals and dreams. Sometimes I remember a memory, even though it is the beautiful scenery I see, I picture nice memories in my eyes. In a journey by train, I can continue reading a novel that I keep near. I can eat a sandwich when I’m hungry or if I’m in a mood of joy, I can have a meal with white wine in train’s restaurant.


Beside from the trains we use for transportation, there are trains which are a necessity of an amusement parks and this is a subject that needs to be evaluated in many categories. I would like to select this week’s article for the model trains in barn of a legendary name Walt Disney.

In the year 1950, Walt Disney built a 1/8th scale live-steam railroad at his residence in California cause of his interest in trains. He shares his hobby with his friends and family and operates the train himself until 1953. After that and until 17th of July 1955 he used all his energy for “where dreams come true” Disneyland.

A qaint red barn that built as a replica of one from the Disney farm in Marceline city in Missouri State of USA, opens it’s gate to visitors from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Without any commercial interest, also free admission and parking, it’s possible to give donations for this 65 years old barn.

Carolwood Barn serves as Walt’s workshop and where he spent many hours here building miniatures and model trains. Purpose of Carolwood foundation is to keep Walt Disney’s railroad legacy alive. Walt's Barn is filled with trains of all scales, many of which were donated to the foundation by his animators and friends that shared his hobby. Many of Walt's personal items and tools are on display and he even hand-made all of the work benches! In 1999, Walt Disney's family moved the barn he called his "happy place" from his home to the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum, of which Walt was a founding member. 

As a reminder to who might want to visit, surely call or send e-mail before you go! For the barn open the third Sunday of each month, weather permitting. Can’t say a place absolutely needed to visit but for those who are interested in model trains must see. If your way takes you there, here is the address;

5202 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027

For additional information and if you would like donate please click.