Oktoberfest '17 Munich

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest, similar as the month ‘October’ in English is a festival in October. However the festival begins in the middle of September and ends on the first sunday of October. Every year, the festival takes place in Munich, Germany.  

As the locals abbreviated the name simply to the ‘Wiesn’, when the Prince Ludwig married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in 1810, the citizens of Munich were invited to celebrate the royal event in the current Oktoberfest area. Each year, it has become larger and a cultural festival of Germany. 

I like to call these days as ’Culture Festival’ instead a ‘beer festival’. 

In that manner, seeing people participating with their local outfits, classical entertainment concepts and most importantly that individuals can have fun with each other is a scene I needed to see. 

Because we are being controlled by the technology nowadays, we hardly have a conversation with our family and friends.

Even when you meet a friend, you haven’t seen for a long time, seeing them taking picture of the coffees you are drinking and the effort they make to load this picture into their social media accounts, I find it funny and also very annoying. The fact that the people I give my precious time are not interested in chatting with me but interested in a communication tool, causes me to question myself. Am I a boring person?

From the main train station of Municj, you can follow the landmarks below to reach the main the entrance gates of the festival area, or simply follow groups dressed in traditional clothes. :)


Oktoberfest is a sixteen day event. You can find out the exact times calculating by yourself. Take minus 16 from the first Sunday of October. That’s it. Here is a example. 

22 September - 7 October 2018

21 September - 6 October 2018

19 September - 4 October 2018


I need to point out that you do not have to wear the traditional costumes of Oktoberfest. If you wish to join and prepare for the fest, which I think is a fun process, you may secure shopping through the official website by simply clicking on this link

Even if you decide to buy the clothes on last minute, there are tens of shops located nearby the area and available on very good prices. 

The average of the prices between 50 to 1500 euros. 

The name of the lady’s costumes is Dirndl. There are so many details of shirts, skirts, belts and so on. The quality of the fabric and design products are the main reasons for the price difference. 

If you do not have a restriction on your budget, there is a brand that my german high school friend has advised me. You can reach the website of the brand by clicking this link

Boobies :) are mostly out of ladies costumes. Here is my favorite look of a lady with her cute smile.



An indoor and trailer model of a roller coaster with special lightning and sound effects and with a small waterfall in front. The length of the giant character you see on the picture was about 5-6 meter. Adult ticket price is 9 euro, 5 euro for children. The production was made by the German manufacturer, Gerstlauer.


Ferris Wheel

In the photographs of the festival area, you are absolutely confronted by this eye-catching size and beauty. The cabins were designed as ginger bread house inspired by the ‘Pfefferkuchenhaus’, the home of Hansel and Gratel. 

The large- diametered wheel, which is 50 meters high allows you to see the Alps if the weather is clear. 

The Ferris Wheel is at the festival since 1979. Admission ticket for adults is 8 euro, 4 euro for the children.

Three friends having fun sliding. 

Three friends having fun sliding. 

Sky Fall

Mechanism of this tower is a bit different than today’s towers. The elevator and gondola are separated from each other. Elevator lifts up the gondola. When the seats reaches to the highest point of the 75 meter of tower, the elevator cuts the connection between them and makes it fall to the halfway, leaving the control to the magnetic braking system. Interesting..


Taking a picture needs an artistic point of view. With my point of view and patience, I do not get beautiful images. However, I noticed that many of the photographs I took during my visit came out surprisingly beautiful and charming. :)



A unique amusement ride, produced in 1924. Unbelievable!

There is an orchestra with local clothes on one side, playing national songs. 

The ride was operated by man power until 1937. A maneuver, I have never seen before. An amusement ride filled with love and nostalgia. On the forth picture, you will see father-son whom we met in a small tent when we were having a drink with my father. I would like to thank them for their friendly, polite and pleasant conversations.

On of the 14 great tents. You can join these tents by making reservations weeks in advance. I have to state that it is quite difficult. If you have a friends attending to the fest regulary, you might ask them to join them. The capacities fill up because the attend with their family and friends. You can try anyway. 

In order, 


Distel Auto Scooter

High Energy

Some of the popular amusement park equipments in recent times with high adrenaline.

One of shocking scenes. I have never seen anyone standing on the sleep. I am also very lucky to witness that.

One of shocking scenes. I have never seen anyone standing on the sleep. I am also very lucky to witness that.

Apart from the exciting fifty to seventy-five meters high amusement rides, there is a section which is very special for me. 

Hand glancing wooden horses, small cars, antiques but still works as it is the first day. 

I can say they took better care than their children. Why? When children turn 18, their parents leave them with the difficulties of life for their own sake. Since the family has provided all the necessary education and support till that age, their preference seems to be a correct choice for me as well, but it would be an impossible breakthrough for our culture. 

Let’s me introduce this amazing place; 

This special area has been separated with an entrance fee which is 3 euro. It is located beside the big ferris wheel at the southern exit. 

In 2010, in order to celebrate the 200th anniversary, the ‘Historische Wiesn’ ( Historical Oktoberfest ) area was created to celebrate the festival’s roots, to watch the horse races and to memorize the history. 

As Germans call this area as ‘Oide Weisn’, there are three big tents where you can experience a great old festive atmosphere and folk music singers performing.

At the same time, there was the most delicious and fresh roasted sweet almonds of the festival were located in that area. 

A photo booth, designed for the attendants without traditional clothes. They give a beer glass and a pretzel to hold for your this memorable moment. And it is for free.

A photo booth, designed for the attendants without traditional clothes. They give a beer glass and a pretzel to hold for your this memorable moment. And it is for free.

This tiny paper bag contains incredibly delicious roasted, hot and sweet dried nuts such as almonds and peanuts.

This tiny paper bag contains incredibly delicious roasted, hot and sweet dried nuts such as almonds and peanuts.

Below, you will see some pictures of the foods I have tasted during my visit. There were fishes, chicken, sausages. All located around the festival area. The first two picture was my favourite, Salmon. I could not find an oppurtunity to organize dining inside one of the big tents, but the street tastes were satisfying.

The King Walt, has created a character that whatever I see a big circle and two small on top, reminds me of an iconic mouse character Mickey. Here, a beer barrels made me think of Mickey Mouse.


In 2017, 6 million visitors and 7.5 million liters of beer were consumed. Especially for the festival, the alcohol content is higher and at the same time more delicious than the regular beers. 

I came across this guy on my way to my hotel. There are so many people like him around the area. You just wish that their friends find them. :)

If the weather is sunny, it is the best time of the festival but still it is chill or even cold at the evenings. If I have to be sincere, I do not advise you to take the weather information from me because I am always that person who is always cold. 

Still, you should definitely a coat with you, you never know Germany is a cold country in September.


Before arriving to the festival area, make sure you bring a small bag with you. You are prohibited to bring large bags or backpacks inside. Or there is an an option of cabins you can rent for 4-5 euros per day right before main entrance. You can leave your bags there. There are some rental areas closing at midnight, make sure you do not miss that time. 

Munich is a city where you can have a pleasant time in terms of art, culture and entertainment. 

I can say, one and a half days is enough time for the festival. I would suggest you to spend you remaining time exploring the city’s historic buildings and museums. 

Let your smile change the world but don't the world change your smile,




Mall of America

Mall of America (MOA) in Bloomington located in Minneapolis in Minnesota state of America, that has opened in 1992 is still one of the most popular shopping malls which provides varity of brands. The reason is that the mall is one of the largest shopping mall. Due to its proximity to Canada, it also has thousands of visitors from neighboring towns and Canada. Families visiting the mall stay in the hotels surrounding the mall. The time when it was opened were not so technologically advanced, thus it was an obvious choice for families who were planning a vacation. Those were the times when children abandon for technology and have fun together.

I’ve visited Mall of America in 2013 while Mall of Istanbul was still on project phase, to gain more effectiveness and experience for my work. I don’t remember the hotel’s name in which we stayed but it was an old five star hotel. There are shuttles taking you directly to the shopping mall. The shuttles work between 9.30 a.m. till 11 p.m.

Let’s discover the 27.000 sqm entertainment park which is located at the center of MOA.

It was named Knott’s Camp Snoopy with the opening of the mall and was inspired and themed by Peanuts characters drawn by caricaturist Charles M.Schulz.

Frankly, Peanuts characters were never adhered. Generally, there were mountain or forest themes.

Due to license problems over the years plus partnerships, it’s serving as Nickelodeon Universe since 2008.

You may find recent ticket prices by clicking this link. I suggest you to buy all day wristband! 

Avatar - Airbender

A half size roller coaster themed by the inspiration of TV Show Avatar. It is located right in the center of the park. It goes up and down approximately twelve times and circles around. Manufacturer is Intamin, and it is a successful ride, meaning it is a very satisfying choice for indoor entertainment centers.

Brain Surge

An interactive game. Passengers can control their own movements. It gives you the feeling of touching down to the floor while it circles around itself. Thrilling but also sickening.

Fairly Odd Coaster

Type of this roller coaster in the world that has been built in 2004 by Gerstlauer company which goes around itself.

Its rails are in every corner of the park, travels the whole park. Of course there may be cuts on the view while it turns around itself. 

Although it can be called oldie goldie, its still a thrilling roller coaster.

Jimmy Neutron’s Atomic Collider

Even though its interesting to watch two gondolas that are connected on a single column moving up and down, I wouldn’t wait in a line for this ride.

Pepsi Orange Streak

It’s another roller coaster which drives you through the whole park with a 820 meters rail lenght. Rollie was manufactured in 1992 by Zierer. Train’s lenght seemed extreme to me. Although its proportional to rail lenght, I’d prefer a train with 20 person capacity for an indoor park. During the days park that was opened, it was a logical choice for a business manager to use a coaster with a 1000 person capacity per hour due to high visitor numbers, but today don’t you think that its time to retire it?

Shredder’s Mutant Masher

This ride is a fresh breath to the park with a very successful theme and has record sales in the past six years. We see it in every park we go, its now a necessity in parks just like the bumper cars. Don’t you think?


This tower is one of the most sold popular equipments of Moser Rides. Its for 16 persons and built in 2008. When it was first built, there were fans from all ages. As years go by, it became popular only among children.

As there are great entertainment parks and rides in America, rides like these remain like baby toys.

If my soul and mind were left in my warm bed when I go to work in the morning, I took a ride with it and sober up. I strictly recommend it. 

SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge

This roller coaster was my favorite which was built when park became Nickelodeon Universe. Colors and design were amazing. Also Spongebob is a character I like, I couldn't ask for more. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shock

You know the Ninja Turtles. You may even start hearing its music inside your head when I said Ninja. In fact, I am mumbling it right now. :)

Nickelodeon Universe organized a meeting regarding this ride’s opening, under the name of Ninja Meeting. There were 836 people in Ninja suits and a Guinness Record was beaten. I wonder if that same organization was in Istanbul, a city with 17 million population, how many people would wear a Ninja costume and attend it?

Let’s leave the records to Americans, the ride is very successful and part-interactive. Gerstlauer is really a successful company. They rather be productive and innovator than copying. There is no doubt to their technology and quality. I’d like to visit their company in the future and get to know them better.

Those were the most popular rides of the parks. There are also Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Swings, Bumper Cars and small trains for children.


Ghost Blasters

Movies we’ve seen, fiction stories we’ve read come to a point that we could even get scared from our own fart.

We do not realise that we pass the fears we develop by our unlimited imagination to our children.

A mother’s fear of an insect, makes a child to run away from it or kill it.

For instance, I might leave my house when a mosquito gets inside from a window.

In the dark rides of an entertainment park which frighten me the most is the sounds. Ghosts, skulls, skeletons or blood don’t scare me at all but a huge spider thrown at me might remind me a movie scene.

There is a ride I can refer to as a horror house for children. It is called ‘Dark Ride’ in English. Don’t know how accurate to call it a ‘Horror House’.

You get on the cars that goes on rails and shoot the ghosts with the toy guns attached to the car. In my opinion, its always more fun to be the part of a story. I see parents having more fun than the little visitors. There’s no age limit to have fun. Don’t miss it when you see a dark ride sign.

There are also other activities like mini golf field and wall climbing. You can spend some good time by sparing two days in the park. And when you wish to have a break from having fun, you may go shopping like crazy.

Shopping mall is really huge. It may take 2 or 3 days to visit all the shops. Dining area is big and it would definitely satisfy your expectations about diversity.

Which means big portions… We were sated with hamburger and chips.

Even after some years, it makes me happy to write about the parks I’ve been. Please don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions.

Wish you all the best,


Copernicus Science Museum of Warsaw

This time, I would like to share an amazing day about my journey of Poland in between 14-20th of September.

I had a wonderful weekend in Warsaw which is the capital of Poland. The nature, parks, historical buildings and citizens of the city were amazing. If any of you travelled to Italy, I must briefly say that Polish architecture and culture is as impressive as in Italy. Especially in Poland, you can never see the disorder that created by the other countries citizens who migrated to Poland. People are very kind and cheerful, also they're immensely helpful. The Public Parks were very BEAUTIFUL!! that we spent one of our day only by sitting under as green as a grass trees. I've taken a picture at Lazienski Park which is known as the biggest national park in Europe, that also makes the biggest onein Poland. I would like to frame that picture for my working room. What do you think? It's peaceful, isn't it?

When you'll go to Poland, you may find many places that should be seen by different websites of different authors or books in seconds. Some people likes to discover that country's traditional foods, museums and night life. I like discovering Science Museums and Amusement Parks. OK, foods are essentials too… When you visit a foreign country, you might not think ofvisiting that countries Science Museum but who knows? Maybe, this article might make you excited. Science museums are places where I like to visit and spend my time. Definitely suggesting every one to give a chance. It is more fun than you think for all ages. 

The ticket costs shown as below until the next update.

When we entered to the museum, a giant circle welcomed us directly. Foucault's Pendulum;

The ball swings in a constant plane, as the Earth turns beneath it. To someone standing on the planet's surface, things seem the other way round, the Earth is still and the plane of the pendulum's oscillations knocks over more and more posts placed around it, demonstrating that the Earth is indeed spinning. Interesting..

Your World Line, one of our favourites.

What you do is; Press the black button to see a function graphed on the screen. When you began to move along the path, a second, yellow graph will appear. Try to move so that the yellow graph is identical to the white one. 

The Dutch Action

Each action lasts 60 seconds. The screen will show a price which gradually get lower. When you are happy with it, you press the button. On the left hand side of the screen you will see the market price of the auctioned goods, at which you will need to resell them. You should try to earn as high a profit as possible. Dutch auctions are the opposite of classic ones where the winner is the highest bidder.  Here the price drops over time, so obviously the number of people interested in the goods grows as the auction progresses. The winner is the first person who decides to buy. The longer we wait, the lower price we can expect to pay, but we are taking the risk that someone will beat us to it. Such auctions are resolved very quickly, which is why they are a common when trading goods that spoil easily, such as fruit, vegetables or flowers. Exactly what the Netherlands are famous for. The name of the auction derives from the country, and that is where they are the most common. 

Hyperbola co. 

What you do is to tilt the cone and observe the surface of the liquid inside. 

The ellipse and circle are a bit alike, but do not seem similar to the parabola or hyperbola at all. Who could have guessed that all four of these curves are related? They all drive from different sections, or slices, of a cone at different angles. The surface of the liquid inside the tilted cone always forms one of these conic sections. The relationship between these curves shows up most clearly in astronomy. The path followed by everybody in the Solar System follows one of the four conic curves. The planets, asteroids, and periodic comets all follow circular or elliptical orbits. Non periodic comets, which pass through the Solar System only once, follow parabolic or hyperbolic orbits. 

Tangram was difficult so is my husband :) FYI; this was one of the most difficult one guys! Give it a try and share if you have any result ;)

Giant Radio

You adjust the year and listen to Polish Radio's historical broadcast. Super COOOOL!!!

 Water Wheel

What you do is, turn on the stream of water using one valve or the other. 

A water wheel is probably the oldest machine moved by the power of water. Scoops or partitions that move under pressure are evenly spaced around its circumference. There were almos three thousand such wheels in operation in 16th century Poland. They were most frequently used to move a heavy millstone and grind grain into flour. They also powered blacksmiths hammers and saws in sawmills. They were the precursors of the turbines now used in hydro electric plants. 

Heron's Water Machine took our fifteen minutes to solve it. At the end, they helped us:)

What you do is to empty the lower container and close the valve. Fill in the middle container with water so it's at least half full, and close it tightly. When you pour the water into the top container, the fountain will start working. 

This area below is only for children. They did not let me in even to take a picture, so here is the entrance picture.  

There is always a place for lover's, you should discover this one yourself :)

Lovely country with amazing nature. Full of trees, joy and peace. 

Don’t forget to take a bike tour around the city! 

I believe that Science Museums are cheaper than shopping. We should start generating instead of consuming. BAZİNGA!!! :)

For more information, promos and more, please click here to visit the official page of the museum. 

Tusenfryd Amusement Park

I've only spent 1/5 of my life living abroad. Most countries I had wondered about was Scandinavian countries. Whenever the topic to travel abroad is issue, the first area that pops up in my mind. Thank God, EAS (Euro Attraction Expo), which arranged in a different European country each year was organised in Sweden this year. I have published a brief information article about it on my website in August. That time has come for our trip to Sweden and we've also added Norway to the list. Norway is such a country that you can literally breath the fresh air. Friendly, polite and helpfull citizens, clean streets, it's green nature and foods were amazing. Believe me when I say, it's a country needed to see once a year. It's worth saving the moneys that you spend for dinners by bosphorus and visit there.

Of course, I've discovered an amusement center in a major city of Norway. Tusenfryd means thousands of joys, I liked it a lot. Takes only thirty minutes to go there by bus from town center. 500 numbered buses depart from the terminal every half hour and go directly to the park. Park is located at the mountain skirts.This question came to my mind; If we establish a park in such a location, would anyone come? :) They won't... Bus leaves you five hundred meters away from the entrance. The only thing you need to do is, walk up the hill and reach to the park. Even this situation is so natural in European countries, for us it would be the reason to give up from that park. I can explain this with a small example, I'd like to remind how people spend their efforts to park closest to the gates in shopping center parkings, to not to walk far. :)) 

October is a risky period for Oslo. Air tempreture was 14 degrees celsius but it was a sunny day. Streets full of Norwegians who see the sun. As far as I know, cause of the sky is mostly dark, sunny days are rare and very precious. We arrived there around 10 o'clock in the morning. We've learnt that the park opens at 10:30 so we have spent our time admiring the entrance decor and reading warning signs.

As soon as park opens, the entrance line. In early morning hours, approximately two hundred people entered through the gates with us. People starting the day early, could benefit from all attractions without waiting in the lines and enjoy.

After stepping off the escalator, two story carousel that you see on the photo greets you. It's color is all faded because of the weather conditions. We manufacture the carousels that we use in our Star Park branches or supply from Bertazzon, an Italian origin company. Thus, at first glance we recognised that this set belongs to 'Bertazzon S.R.L.' company. Unless the colors were faded or it was luminated at night, you would think that it was a work of art and take it away with you to your home.

Bumper cars are pretty old. I believe it deserves a renovation by being the first and only amusement park not only in Oslo but also in Norway. Cultural differences may be an obstacle to this change but my opinion is to at least change the bumper cars until next season. 

I liked the structers made for emergancy and luggage locker rooms. Color chose and design is wonderful. It reflects general architecture of Norway.

The swings that you see below is the favorite lately. Namely, it's appeal for all ages made it indispensable many years ago. The swings we know of have a different element. Middle core moves up and down and at the same time aside from turning plainly, they can also offer turning at different angles and make it more exciting. Paintings on this set is also faded like the carousel's but didn't loose anything from it's beauty. Just like the ladies who are beautiful when they are young and loose nothing from their beauty at older ages. :)

Dark Ride is named 'Night Mare'. Unfortunately, we couldn't get inside. We've passed it without noticing while asking ourselves; is it closed, anyone inside, why noone is waiting on the line. If anyone has seen it, please tell me about it.

Put aside the roller coaster that you see on the photo and would you look at those beautiful trees? In this amazing natured country, it seemed like there was no end to the greens during our trip. Aside from the people who respect to one another and their smiling faces, their respect to nature is admirable. Norwegians are chosen as the most reading people in the world. What an honor. It's too much of a peaceful country for my taste, from it's education system to management style.

Yes, this roller coaster made me admire it cause of it's location. I've seen a ten years old girl got on with her father. I thought she was gonna cry but instead she looked excited. When I saw that blonde teeny-weeny girl, I grab my father and we sat at the first row. 'Loopen' was a legend. Still exciting. I suggest you try it.

Wooden Coaster was brilliant. 'Thunder Coaster' which was built by Vekoma in 2001, was really amazing. With it's 100 km/h speed, it was well-kept as the first day and breathtaking. For me, it's the favorite attraction in this park.

As I mentioned on the first paragraph of my article, we have examine the surrounding while we waited half an hour to enter the park. They have noted that the set shown below was out of order. In any case, I couldn't help myself to take a photo of this gigantic set. It has fourty people capacity.If you are taller than 140 cm. and you don't have a heart condition, I suggest you to ride it.

Sixty five meters high Space Shot, is still one of the most preferred attractions with 75 km/h fall speed.  I didn't take this ride but if you haven't done it before, it is a good choice as the first ride to take. These kind of towers reach almost a hundred and fourty meters high nowadays.

These cars in children area were so cute. Inside the green, by taking a petrol company commercial (which is a great idea), this petrol station was nice. Cars run with batteries and being recharged at this station, and they are for ladies and gents at 110-140 cm height. I've missed my chance by 20 cm. :)

The ownership and management of Tusenfryd Amusement Park belongs to a Madrid, Spain origin international amusement operator company, Parques Reunidos S.A. Park's official opening date is 11 June 1988. Which means, it's giving service over twenty seven years. Really long time. Park area is rented from a privet owner. During summer period, visiter count reaches up to 450.000. It opens at the end of April every year, and stays open until the begining of October depending on the weather conditions. Don't forget to double check before visiting from internet sites. Thus, some weeks it's only open on weekends. Almost seven hundred people are employed in a season, full time personal count is thirty five. There are no speacial events for Helloween or Christmas.  However, they announced that they will have a water attraction in April next year. With exactly 45 million NK (Norwegian Krone) investment, this attraction is getting ready to be the new favorite. The set, which is going to be manufactured by a German company named Hafema, will be five hundred meters long. A river will be built to the construction area. For the river area, aproximately 18.000 cubic meters rock will be removed and a mechanism with two pumps that pump water with 2,200 liters/s will be put. They will fill it with water in total of 1.3 million liters.  

Name of this new set is not decided yet. Project is called as Rapid River since the begining. According the given information, it will be a set that have 'water drops' and much better 'water whirlpools'. For those who wonder what water whirlpool is;

Starting a river trip on a nine person rafting boat sounds incredibly amazing. In addition to this, it's a great speed that this set will have the capacity of nine hundred people in an hour. We will be seing the reflections of 'Thor's Hammer' theme of this park on this set. I'm thinking to go to Norway again with an excuse to see this amusement for all ages next April. 

Wish you to stay with lots of fresh air and good-humored people,

Happy weeks!

An Interview with the Director of Liseberg

I was telling you about the EAS Show which will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden. And my excitement about the legend, Liseberg Amusement Park. So, on the very last day, I had a chance to have an interview with Mr. Andreas Andersen for my lovely blog. He is the CEO of Liseberg and working with Liseberg for five years. I must say he is very sweet and kind. He was smiling all the time, very positive. This is a very important fact actually. Imagine meeting someone with a beer belly, looks bossy but no matter how hard you try, you can't give any attention to that person. Basically, every company needs a director like him.

So it wasn't easy to catch him on these days but I did it! I gave him a call from his mobile (don’t ask how I got his number, it wasn’t easy) and didn’t let him say a word because I had to squeeze into his busy schedule. I remember him saying ‘Yeah, sure. Catch me! I will be there around 5 p.m.’ I only had one and half hour till his arrival, so I made a chance to visit Universium which is next door to the park. A must see destination. 

I started waiting for him in Lisebergsteatern, which is on the right side of the one of the entrance in the park. The place was very peaceful. While I was sitting down waiting, there was a conference for young leaders on this sector, and Mr. Andersen was giving a speech. He came out and saw me waiting. He came by and said he only needs two minutes to use the restroom. Isn’t he so clear? I smiled and kept waiting. While he was coming back, a camera man stopped him to make an interview on his way. So, I guess you can imagine his time and how lucky I was. 

So, I only had ten minutes and these are the questions I could ask to this amazing amusement park's gentlemen,

When are the opening times? Do you ever close the park? Have seasons?

-We have three seasons. We had summer season for long time, that is the longest season. We had Halloween, we start with this year and we have Christmas for fifteen years as well.

How long is the Christmas ?

-It's six weeks. 

Wow! That is a long time and it must be fun, especially if there is a snow in the city. Do you open the park when there is sun? I mean, the park is normally closed except these seasons. For example it's sunny day in November, do you open the park for one or two days?

-No, we set the seasons. We don't really change that. 

What kind of promotions you make at the park? Like for families or do you have Happy Hours? 

-No, we don't do discounts.

Really? You don't need it?

-I'm very afraid of discounts. I think it's something you have to be very careful with. We are actually very keen on not discounting, not devaluating the value of the products. We do very little promotions.

What kind of policies do you have when you hire an employee?

-Well, we are trying to find employees that has the same values as we do. That is really the primary golden one. Employees that social beings, likes being around other people. 

Is there any training for employees that you hired?

- We train them of course. We give them a lot of introduction and they have to understand that and know the company very well. So, absolutely. We also see that the other companies, they hire employees from us very often because they know that we do very good basic training.

How do you handle bad experiences of your customers?

-We have a very generous policy when it comes to refunding, inviting people back. The thing is when you have a complain, we have the opportunity to change bad experience to a good experience. That's what we always try to do.

What kind of marketings do you have?

-We do more digital marketing. We actually do online instead of regular, normal marketing. 

Out of Sweden? 

- Some in Norway. 

What is your budget for that?

-We spend about 5 million € for a year.

Are you planning to do another site ?


Do you have another site?

- No. 


If you would do the park again, what would you like to change?

- Not much. I think one of the things I like about the park is it's very organic. It has grown with years and I think there aren't much to change. I mean there are buildings I would probably blow up but I would say, generally speaking, I wouldn't really change anything. 

What is your best attraction, best revenue? Biggest failure?

- The best attraction is 'Lisebergbanan'. This roller coaster is built on a mountainside and is open during summer and Halloween. 

I don't know if I can come up with one really for the biggest failure. 

Don't you have a ride that did not work well and you had to remove it from the park?

I think we all make mistakes everyday. Oh, we had a ride coming in at late night it was called 'Hangover' which was a Roller Coaster that really never worked. That was a big mistake. But apart from that it is very little, very rare. 

Where do you find the employees that are working in Haunted House? Like in public theaters or how?

- No, no, we cast them like any other employees basically. 

Well, that was all I could ask. Here is a picture of him. Unfortunately, we could not take a picture together because there was no one around us and I did not want to take his another minute. 

I would like to thank Mr. Andersen for giving me an opportunity to know more about this fantastic park and his time. It was an amazing experience for me and that I will never forget. 

Please do not forget read my article and discover more about Liseberg.  Please click here to read the article. There is a surprise at the end of the article. I hope you enjoy it and leave your comments. 

Cheers to Mr. Andersen!

8 Shaped Ferris Wheel

After living a sedentary life for approximately 10-15 years in our world, we achieved a remarkable progress in technology the last hundred years. Don't know if you noticed but mankind who haven't shown any progress in technology for centuries, suddenly meet tools like cell phones, computers, airplanes and become productive. It didn't take long to come to this level from the invention of telephone and the times we cover it with lace cloth. The surprising part is, how everyone from all ages kept up with this dizzy change. It's a controversial matter that electronic mails taking place of letters, celebrations are simply messages, sadness, joy, anger and disappointments shared by photographs and text content notifications. 

Aside from social networks, somehow surprisingly we encounter a different innovation everyday. Thus, as a result of evolution, we live many firsts in the world. Last couple of years we have encounter with phrases or words that start like 'the biggest in the world', 'the largest in Europe', 'the world's first'. Sentences starting with words like 'the first or the biggest', lure consumers. These phrases became a nessecity that needs to be pointed to show a story or to add excitement and persuasiveness. I realized that I use them too...

Here is another first to you... The world's first, figure-eight ferris wheel 'Golden Reel'. This ferris wheel will be located in Macau which also known as Las Vegas of China. Like in any other sector, diversity and innovation are wanted elements. If you are going to open a hotel in a city where casinos are located, you have to make an attractive entrance, otherwise you will have a difficult time. Existing hotels have already made their names and they don't have any intention to losetheir regular customers to no one. Customers who will be visiting for the first time, chose the most popular places. There are infinite choices like shows, concerts, games, fountains, and fashion shows as long as we mention money.


The company, which accepted the designing and manufacturing of figure-eight ferris wheel, is without a surprise 'Intamin Amusement Rides'. It's built 131 meters of the ground and as you can see in the photo, located between the two central towers of the resort hotel. Visitors will access the ride from the 23rd floor of the building. It's said that rides will take 15 minutes. Up to 10 people will fit into each pod. Cost is a hundred dollars for an adult, eighty dollars for children and finally eighty-five Hong Kong dollars for natives.

This project's countdown for the announced opening on 27th October has started. Naturally, the most exciting part for me is figure-eight ferris wheel. We will see whether it's worth waiting for.

Studio City Resort will be a US$ 3.2 billion movie-themed complex run by casino and entertainment firm in Asia. The resort will feature a hotel, a range of dining options, gaming areas named Fun Zone and luxury shopping. It will also boast a 5,000-seat multi-purpose entertainment venue for music, theater and sporting events; a 300-seat live-audience TV broadcast studio for reality and game-show productions; a 40,000- sq ft family entertainment center; and a nightclub. In these consumption madness days, there is a thought like a hotel without luxury shops better not be, shops are being spraded everywhere. Never been to Macau but I might make a guess, concidering the similarities with Las Vegas, hotels close by already have same luxury shops. Instead of these random shops, I wish steps taken for entertainment and for you all days full of peace and happiness.

Drop Tower

It's a serious thing to learn how to ride a bicycle, almost like learning how to drive a car. Two small tires are added to each side of rear tire of the bicycle for little ladies and gentlemen to control their balance easier. After a while, one of the small tire is removed and finally deducted to two normal tires by saying 'Daddy I've learnt it, remove the other one too'. But in any case, can't avoid to fall from that bicycle even just for once. Returning home with elbows and knees covered in bruises, crying and saying 'Mommy, I fell'. We get angry with the bicycle not long just for a day, then say to ride slowly to yourself, before a week past we start feeling we can ride with holding only one hand. Funny and nice memories… Here you can see one of us;

Not so sure whether demand for bicycles got lower or not by developing technology but I believe bicycles are needed to be used for all ages and even prefered over cars. Think of a traffic free Istanbul, everyone ride bicycles. Vehicles polluting the air are gone and we became a civilized country with citizens respecting each other... Oh what if we don't have these dreams...

Falling means 'To drop or come down freely under the influence of gravity' in dictionary. Do not underrate by saying falling... Newton discovered the law of gravity when an apple fell to his head.  So it's told that apple fell to his head when Newton was sitting under a tree and he wonders why it fell? Why not to the right or left but straight down? Well, why don't the moon, sun and stars fall? Then he had made one of the most important discovery of the laws of physics. Or maybe, he came to his senses when that apple fell and discovered the law of gravity, who knows...

Let me introduce you to, the latest and most exciting fall you are gonna experience... which you will personally test gravity... on the way to become an amusement park classic, 'Tower'. By saying the slogan 'Falling has never been more fun', here is the World's tallest tower yet; Drop of Doom.

Incredible, isn't it?

Let's get to a brief technical information stage;

There are infinite alternatives for height selection when choosing a tower. For indoor areas, for the low heights, there is a 10 meters tall model that I know of. Of course, you will need at least 12 meters of ceiling height for that. Frankly being lower doesn't mean anything. This height should be a limit so it could give excitement. 

Surely this 10 meters gives you only about 6 meters of falling space when you calculate the decor and floor. The tower in the photo includes given measurements. Total weight is given as 7.600 kilograms. Although it defers according to electrical panels the company use, it generally works automatically. You select a programme from four or five different types and it works at the same programme until you change it.  

I would not consider having this playgroup in an outdoor amusement park. I prefer a tower, that will be set outside, should be at least twenty meters tall. Even if it's set on a place reserved for a certain age group of kids, I would make my choice from another attraction. 

Part where riders board is called gondola. When you board on this gondola, you close the security bar, buckle a seatbelt from between your legs to security bar and you are ready to fall. Gondola takes you to the highest point by slowly turning around itself clockwise or counter-clockwise. It releases you into a free fall least you expected. Not knowing when to fall and the speed of falling gives you the excitement... Plus, think of having this drop from a gigantic tower. 

As the info I've read from Wikipedia, Drop of Doom which is located at the Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey USA is the tallest drop tower ride in the world at the time. Tower, that you watched the video of, is 139 meters tall in total with 126 meters drop height. Drops in exactly 10 seconds. An incredible number. Well how is this engineering marvel ride made?

Manufacturing takes nearly nine months. Companies that are qualified to manufacture this ride, probably have many orders. Because of that you have to wait for your turn. Would not like to generalize but no matter the quantity of your order, yours shouldn't effect another. Yes, we agreed on price and shook hands for a normal size. Let's say our height is hundred meters. The twenty meters tall tower, which you got scared and didn't ride is now a piece of cake. :)

Engineers working within company do static calculations. These engineers do the calculations according to number of people. One purpose of these calculations is to prepare the setup ground. There is a preparation process of the ground to be able to stand the pressure occuring from the fall. Same subject also exists for construction sector. Some of you may know. After passing this stage, we came to manufacturing part. Gondola of the tower and seats are the easiest... At this part, patterns, colors, lights... a kind of art takes place of calculations. 

Even though I can't give you the exact height measures, if you ride an over average ride, a limitation for your age and height is being applied. You have to be at least 120 cm. tall if you want to ride a hundred meters tall tower. There is a fact that cultural differences are also one of the factors effecting these criterias. If we give an example from our country, age range is much lower than Europe and America. 

Let's give an example from our subject tower. Although it is predictable to have a twelve year old to ride a twenty meters tall tower, in foreign countries this limit can be lower to six year olds. Don't know whether this subject is open for discussion or not but in my opinion to apply a height limit instead of age is better. Here is a picture from our outdoor park. The tower is 24 meter high, from SBF-Visa Group. The park is located in Bursa, Turkiye. 

Well, that's all for this week. Wait for my future article about photographed manufacturing process of a tower . Happy drops guys...

EAS Attraction Show

Countdown has begun for the EAS Attraction Show that will take place in Sweden between the dates of 6-8 October. 

It's great to have EAS Fair, which takes place in a different European country each year on October, in a Scandinavian country this year. It's expected to have almost four hundredmanufacturers from different branches of amusement sector participate in this fair. EAS Attraction is the most comprehensive fair that takes place in Europe; has a total of twenty fair hours in three days. Three days time is enough for a fair made in Europe. Besides, attendees to this fair will also have the chance to see the greatest and legendary park of Gothenburg; 'Liseberg' park.

Whoever want to visit is already need to make reservations for this fair that will happen by participations of amusement parks operators, manufacturers, investors and the interested parties. Hotels are being booked fast... When you are in a Scandinavian country, don't waste your chance to see others like Norway and Denmark. We've added Norway into our fair trip this time. Perfect chance to discover 

it's excellent nature and cuisine. This is what I call both fun and business. There will be many things I'm going to tell for who may wonder!

Here is the address for Swedish Convention Center;

Svenska Massan, Mässans Gata/Korsvägen, 412 94 Göteborg, Sweden


Expo Hours:

  • 6 October, Tuesday        10.00 - 18.00
  • 7 October, Wednesday    10.00 - 18.00 
  • 8 October, Thursday    10.00 - 16.00 

Participants may be in the fair area to get their name badges or to register begining from09:00 A.M.

Vi ses snart! :)


As I was about to start my sentence by saying ‘everyone has a hobby’, a long time agenda sentence; a citizen’s words ‘everyone has a butty’  that had been shown on television came to my mind. The sentence does not make sense itself, i know. Neither the guy. 

Hobbies are activities that let’s people get away from daily life for a while and spare time for themselves. Generally it’s impossible to see a person wasting time who has a favorite hobby. That person is either working or spending time on his/her hobby. Although it seems a waste of time for working on a hobby, they spend the time for resting their minds. This week, I’d like to share one of the endless hobbies like doing a handicraft, working on a sport branch, collecting, parachuting, drawing.

There are almost a hundred people doing this hobby in Turkiye. I mean a hobby; mostly known by men but not being discouraged, detail, focus and most of all talent needed, Model Cars. 

Let me tell you how I was involved to this hobby which only a hundred poeple endeavor in a country with almost seventy seven million population. Because of my spouse. When we married, he brought big tool bags and small sized cars with him. My first toughts and reactions were like; ‘My God where are we gonna put all these’, ‘There are new small size tool boxes, would they do you good?’ Unless you wanna face these kind of reactions from women, don’t do it. I have learnt to live with them in time, I even start showing more interest that we joined a rarely organized race. 

The place for this race is classified as the best racetrack in Turkiye. It even takes place in ‘one of the bests’ list in Europe. This complex is especially for model cars racetrack but also has model plane tracks and a pond for model boats. A unique place to gather different kind of hobby owners and model vehicle owners. This place is located in Buca district of Izmir. Few people are interested in hobbies in Turkiye, thus only a person interested in model vehicles could had built such quality racetrack. The person, who volunteered for building this racetrack, spent hundreds of thousands Turkish Liras and expected nothing but development of this hobby is Cem Bakioglu. Bakioglu, who is known by his plane hobby, had built a racetrack even good enough to make European model lovers to visit. 

That was a special preparation and qualifications race for EFRA Izmir IC race that will take place for the first time in Turkiye. Also the second base of Turkiye Championship. No matter it’s a warm up race for European Championship, model lovers from Europe show interest. Apparently, we will see many foreign racers in the next EFRA base.


Let’s talk about why model cars needs serious technical knowledge and talent. In races, we see racers on duty from 10 to 45 minutes. Process before driving the car, like approximate maintenance, adjustment, preparation, takes hours even days. Naturally, bigger part of this hobby is these cars maintenance and adjustment. The racer gets his reward for the days spent by vehicle preparation stage, on racetrack. All parts are needed to be put together correctly, adjusted and maintenanced to prepare a good car. It’s also an important issue to adjust mechanics, electrorics, clutch and engine according to weather and track conditions. Each racer makes and develops private adjustments, regarding his experiance gained in time. Naturally, it keeps this hobby owners busy between races to fix or change broken parts, to change worn-out parts, to hold ready necessary speacial parts, to search and select new modification parts that can be useful. 

Adjustments are very precise, maintenances are almost, maybe more, comprehensive and complicated. Apart from driving ability, technical knowledge determine your point to be reached. As I mention spare parts, there is a complaint that my spouse always mentions. The thing is; parts he supplies from overseas are being tought waste and thrown away. He protects each part, cleans every piece one by one even the smallest, and some parts can’t be seen because of oil and dirt. It’s normal for me to guess them waste, right? 

For example, all parts, from the smallest to the biggest, are being brought from overseas. He sometimes waits one of them for days, and after a long time of no arrival, he goes to the post office and asks for it as if he is waiting a letter from homeland. Most annoying part is the pieces stuck in the customs. Let’s call it one of Turkiye’s handicaps and move on.

Two different type of model cars used for this race;

  • GP (gas powered) named model cars (see the picture below) and,
  • EP (electric power) model cars (see the picture below) .
  • A car’s scale is in proportion of 1/10 of a normal size automobile.

My favorite racer and also Turkiye Champion is Mustafa Alp. One of the youngest names in the group. It was a great pleasure for me to watch him drive. Blue car in photo belongs to Mustafa and himself on the left.



Wish to see you at Turkiye On Road Championship that will take place on 8th and 9th of August in Bursa…

Walt's Barn

I’ve always been attracted to model trains and railroad trains. Their spectacular majesty, those big vagons in size of small houses, that shivering sound of iron cries from the turning of giant wheels on railroads… I don’t see machinists much but perhaps from the movies and cartoons we’ve seen, mostly old, fat, probably with coal dirt on him but cheerful uncles come to mind. Probably they have uniformed and well educated young drivers now. Of course knowing the truth doesn’t block imagining, if we rely only on facts, we wouldn’t have dreams, do we?

Although automobile tours are an indispensable joy for some people, I am one of those who prefer train journeys. Haven’t had the pleasure to travel with trains that had renewed in the last couple of years in Turkiye but I always prefer trains in Europe when I travel from a city to another or even between countries. Train trips are not so economical in Europe; but on the other hand to see well preserved, spectacular beauty forests, fields, greenery, villages and small towns that hasn’t been changed for maybe hundreds of years is a great pleasure. During these train journeys, I daydream by looking at the beauty of scenery; think of my goals and dreams. Sometimes I remember a memory, even though it is the beautiful scenery I see, I picture nice memories in my eyes. In a journey by train, I can continue reading a novel that I keep near. I can eat a sandwich when I’m hungry or if I’m in a mood of joy, I can have a meal with white wine in train’s restaurant.


Beside from the trains we use for transportation, there are trains which are a necessity of an amusement parks and this is a subject that needs to be evaluated in many categories. I would like to select this week’s article for the model trains in barn of a legendary name Walt Disney.

In the year 1950, Walt Disney built a 1/8th scale live-steam railroad at his residence in California cause of his interest in trains. He shares his hobby with his friends and family and operates the train himself until 1953. After that and until 17th of July 1955 he used all his energy for “where dreams come true” Disneyland.

A qaint red barn that built as a replica of one from the Disney farm in Marceline city in Missouri State of USA, opens it’s gate to visitors from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Without any commercial interest, also free admission and parking, it’s possible to give donations for this 65 years old barn.

Carolwood Barn serves as Walt’s workshop and where he spent many hours here building miniatures and model trains. Purpose of Carolwood foundation is to keep Walt Disney’s railroad legacy alive. Walt's Barn is filled with trains of all scales, many of which were donated to the foundation by his animators and friends that shared his hobby. Many of Walt's personal items and tools are on display and he even hand-made all of the work benches! In 1999, Walt Disney's family moved the barn he called his "happy place" from his home to the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum, of which Walt was a founding member. 

As a reminder to who might want to visit, surely call or send e-mail before you go! For the barn open the third Sunday of each month, weather permitting. Can’t say a place absolutely needed to visit but for those who are interested in model trains must see. If your way takes you there, here is the address;

5202 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027

For additional information and if you would like donate please click.