Oktoberfest '17 Munich

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest, similar as the month ‘October’ in English is a festival in October. However the festival begins in the middle of September and ends on the first sunday of October. Every year, the festival takes place in Munich, Germany.  

As the locals abbreviated the name simply to the ‘Wiesn’, when the Prince Ludwig married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in 1810, the citizens of Munich were invited to celebrate the royal event in the current Oktoberfest area. Each year, it has become larger and a cultural festival of Germany. 

I like to call these days as ’Culture Festival’ instead a ‘beer festival’. 

In that manner, seeing people participating with their local outfits, classical entertainment concepts and most importantly that individuals can have fun with each other is a scene I needed to see. 

Because we are being controlled by the technology nowadays, we hardly have a conversation with our family and friends.

Even when you meet a friend, you haven’t seen for a long time, seeing them taking picture of the coffees you are drinking and the effort they make to load this picture into their social media accounts, I find it funny and also very annoying. The fact that the people I give my precious time are not interested in chatting with me but interested in a communication tool, causes me to question myself. Am I a boring person?

From the main train station of Municj, you can follow the landmarks below to reach the main the entrance gates of the festival area, or simply follow groups dressed in traditional clothes. :)


Oktoberfest is a sixteen day event. You can find out the exact times calculating by yourself. Take minus 16 from the first Sunday of October. That’s it. Here is a example. 

22 September - 7 October 2018

21 September - 6 October 2018

19 September - 4 October 2018


I need to point out that you do not have to wear the traditional costumes of Oktoberfest. If you wish to join and prepare for the fest, which I think is a fun process, you may secure shopping through the official website by simply clicking on this link

Even if you decide to buy the clothes on last minute, there are tens of shops located nearby the area and available on very good prices. 

The average of the prices between 50 to 1500 euros. 

The name of the lady’s costumes is Dirndl. There are so many details of shirts, skirts, belts and so on. The quality of the fabric and design products are the main reasons for the price difference. 

If you do not have a restriction on your budget, there is a brand that my german high school friend has advised me. You can reach the website of the brand by clicking this link

Boobies :) are mostly out of ladies costumes. Here is my favorite look of a lady with her cute smile.



An indoor and trailer model of a roller coaster with special lightning and sound effects and with a small waterfall in front. The length of the giant character you see on the picture was about 5-6 meter. Adult ticket price is 9 euro, 5 euro for children. The production was made by the German manufacturer, Gerstlauer.


Ferris Wheel

In the photographs of the festival area, you are absolutely confronted by this eye-catching size and beauty. The cabins were designed as ginger bread house inspired by the ‘Pfefferkuchenhaus’, the home of Hansel and Gratel. 

The large- diametered wheel, which is 50 meters high allows you to see the Alps if the weather is clear. 

The Ferris Wheel is at the festival since 1979. Admission ticket for adults is 8 euro, 4 euro for the children.

Three friends having fun sliding. 

Three friends having fun sliding. 

Sky Fall

Mechanism of this tower is a bit different than today’s towers. The elevator and gondola are separated from each other. Elevator lifts up the gondola. When the seats reaches to the highest point of the 75 meter of tower, the elevator cuts the connection between them and makes it fall to the halfway, leaving the control to the magnetic braking system. Interesting..


Taking a picture needs an artistic point of view. With my point of view and patience, I do not get beautiful images. However, I noticed that many of the photographs I took during my visit came out surprisingly beautiful and charming. :)



A unique amusement ride, produced in 1924. Unbelievable!

There is an orchestra with local clothes on one side, playing national songs. 

The ride was operated by man power until 1937. A maneuver, I have never seen before. An amusement ride filled with love and nostalgia. On the forth picture, you will see father-son whom we met in a small tent when we were having a drink with my father. I would like to thank them for their friendly, polite and pleasant conversations.

On of the 14 great tents. You can join these tents by making reservations weeks in advance. I have to state that it is quite difficult. If you have a friends attending to the fest regulary, you might ask them to join them. The capacities fill up because the attend with their family and friends. You can try anyway. 

In order, 


Distel Auto Scooter

High Energy

Some of the popular amusement park equipments in recent times with high adrenaline.

One of shocking scenes. I have never seen anyone standing on the sleep. I am also very lucky to witness that.

One of shocking scenes. I have never seen anyone standing on the sleep. I am also very lucky to witness that.

Apart from the exciting fifty to seventy-five meters high amusement rides, there is a section which is very special for me. 

Hand glancing wooden horses, small cars, antiques but still works as it is the first day. 

I can say they took better care than their children. Why? When children turn 18, their parents leave them with the difficulties of life for their own sake. Since the family has provided all the necessary education and support till that age, their preference seems to be a correct choice for me as well, but it would be an impossible breakthrough for our culture. 

Let’s me introduce this amazing place; 

This special area has been separated with an entrance fee which is 3 euro. It is located beside the big ferris wheel at the southern exit. 

In 2010, in order to celebrate the 200th anniversary, the ‘Historische Wiesn’ ( Historical Oktoberfest ) area was created to celebrate the festival’s roots, to watch the horse races and to memorize the history. 

As Germans call this area as ‘Oide Weisn’, there are three big tents where you can experience a great old festive atmosphere and folk music singers performing.

At the same time, there was the most delicious and fresh roasted sweet almonds of the festival were located in that area. 

A photo booth, designed for the attendants without traditional clothes. They give a beer glass and a pretzel to hold for your this memorable moment. And it is for free.

A photo booth, designed for the attendants without traditional clothes. They give a beer glass and a pretzel to hold for your this memorable moment. And it is for free.

This tiny paper bag contains incredibly delicious roasted, hot and sweet dried nuts such as almonds and peanuts.

This tiny paper bag contains incredibly delicious roasted, hot and sweet dried nuts such as almonds and peanuts.

Below, you will see some pictures of the foods I have tasted during my visit. There were fishes, chicken, sausages. All located around the festival area. The first two picture was my favourite, Salmon. I could not find an oppurtunity to organize dining inside one of the big tents, but the street tastes were satisfying.

The King Walt, has created a character that whatever I see a big circle and two small on top, reminds me of an iconic mouse character Mickey. Here, a beer barrels made me think of Mickey Mouse.


In 2017, 6 million visitors and 7.5 million liters of beer were consumed. Especially for the festival, the alcohol content is higher and at the same time more delicious than the regular beers. 

I came across this guy on my way to my hotel. There are so many people like him around the area. You just wish that their friends find them. :)

If the weather is sunny, it is the best time of the festival but still it is chill or even cold at the evenings. If I have to be sincere, I do not advise you to take the weather information from me because I am always that person who is always cold. 

Still, you should definitely a coat with you, you never know Germany is a cold country in September.


Before arriving to the festival area, make sure you bring a small bag with you. You are prohibited to bring large bags or backpacks inside. Or there is an an option of cabins you can rent for 4-5 euros per day right before main entrance. You can leave your bags there. There are some rental areas closing at midnight, make sure you do not miss that time. 

Munich is a city where you can have a pleasant time in terms of art, culture and entertainment. 

I can say, one and a half days is enough time for the festival. I would suggest you to spend you remaining time exploring the city’s historic buildings and museums. 

Let your smile change the world but don't the world change your smile,




Legoland Orlando - Florida

LEGO, Danish company, nowadays appears in this technology era with different alternatives by choosing all age groups as its target customers.  The company founded in 1968, is greatly appreciated with themed products all around the world. I find LEGO movie characters like Star Wars and Harry Potter very succesful and fun.  I suggest LEGO fans to visit fairs in some different countries.

LEGO built its first theme park near its factory in Denmark in 1968. As a matter of fact, they have already started doing business in different areas by their foresight long time ago. Later, they also opened this theme park named Legoland Billlund in England, America and Germany. 

Legoland Florida Resort that had opened in 2011 is the fifth of these theme park series. Objective of the park is to amuse 2-12 years olds and its the second largest Legoland Park. It also has a hotel named Legoland Florida Resort which is surrounded by green. You may choose a room between four different themes while you make your reservation. Prices may vary according to your selection.

Ticket price changes may occur only if organisations unite with Merlin Entertainment which is only 5-10 dollars. The organisations I mention are like The Orlando Eye Ferris Wheel, Madam Tussauds and Legoland Water Park.  You may find the latest prices from this link. This is how prices were when I have visited the park in November 2015.

We had a rental for a day to drive from Orlando to the park. Its also possible to take shuttle services from different districts of Orlando. Me and my dad arrived to the park in 50 minutes from Orlando by our rental car. As soon as we enter the park, personnel helped us to park our car. Parking fee is 15 dollars plus taxes.

Front of the ticket boot was empty as you can see in the photo below. November is an ideal period to visit Legoland. We didn’t have to wait to buy our tickets. Park’s theme is made of these colors. Live and attractive colors. Although its normal to use live and soft colors for a park theme, I believe there can be also some color bursts among them. I’ve seen the best example of it in Liseberg Park in Sweden. Its still in my top list. 

This bench, made out of 800 plastic milk cans, made me very happy. Let us never lose our respect to nature and animals.

We visit Orlando every year in November and I still can’t predict the weather. One year it may be sweltering hot, another its cold as ice. As you see in the photo, it was cloudy but it was also sweltery hot. Lucky for us, there were refreshing waters inside the park which worked very well for us.

Carousel named The Grand Carousel is themed with LEGO characters. I didn’t like it much because I’m a classicist in every area. On the other hand I’m sure children would love the animals and characters.

Doesn’t Duplo Train exactly look like the trains we used to play when we were kids? Its not surprising to see more parents than kids in the vagons. It also makes children happier for their parents to participate their joy.

A warning sign… Percentage to notice these kind of signs is aproximately 33% in my country. I might write about this topic on another article. I just wanted to share this info with other amusement park owners.

The Quest for Chi ‘Lego Chima’ is a play group of LEGO which was launched in 2013. Its a battle game of animal characters fighting each other for valuable stones. These water boats, made for this game theme, is an attraction for all family members. You spray water to other boats with the water guns in your boat. May the best win!

This sweet father and son, whom didn’t even know that I took their photo, were writing their names on a board with mini lego. It took their 25 minutes to fully write their names and they had so much fun doing that.

Merlin’s Challange is one of the moments I remember. A happy family portrait. Smiling face of a boy next to his father was so cute. This was a not fast circling around ride. You may find the video from my youtube channel. Click to watch.

It was a great joy to watch this little one as I walk by Royal Joust. He was like a real royal family member who was riding a horse.

Full map of Legoland Florida Resort. You may see the water park map on the left. Lower right is the entrance to the park and the chateau like building is the hotel I mentioned.

I caught my father when he was entering LEGO Kingdom. The best days with my father are the ones we visit amusement parks together. And our funniest activity is to ride children trains and cars which our butts won’t fit. It starts by convincing the operator and then continues our knees to rise almost head high. I somehow make myself portable but its hard to get my father fit into those rides. My father doesn’t like customers to wait as he is also a business manager, he gets serious and takes a sitting position as possible as he can. Then the trains we ride chock-a-block remains a happy memory.

Beetle Bounce is towers located next to each other that we call free fall. It has great interest in America. Its not necessarily the must ride when you visit an amusement park but its fun.

Safari Trek, that grandfather and grandson relations are such fun and sweet. I would like to say that my father has changed since he became a grandfather but he always loved children. I’m sure its another beautiful feeling to have a baby out of your life. Otherwise he wouldn’t let my nephew ride him like a horse. ☺

There is another grandfather- grandson relation example down below. Grandfather’s joy made everyone laugh. Such a happy moment.

Rescue Academy is a game that you try to reach to the burning house as fast as you can by police or fire department vehicles. Although children could reach the finish line on their own, fathers won’t let the steering wheel. When I say steering wheel, its just a rod that moves up and down and lets the ride move forward.

Mia’s Riding Adventure Most of my photographs were dark because of the cloudy weather. I’m very sorry about this situation. This ride, which belongs to Zamperla company, is so modernist and succesful in visual and differance meaning. Its an adventure of a little girl named Mia made with tiny Lego animal characters. You ride it on sitting position. Belts are being buckled around children’s waist. It goes both forward and backward on the rails and also around itself. They also have an adult size of this ride which goes faster. Naturally you must have a strong stomach to ride it. The sign that caught my eye as I exit made me smile, ‘Buckle up!’

Ford Driving School is for little visitors who wants to learn driving a car in a closed area. A priceless experiance for kids. They change their mood immediately. The bumping cars used in amusement parks are raising next generation master drivers.

Legoland Florida amusement park ends here. Its a must see place for families with children who visit Orlando. You may contact me for your questions and if you wonder about anything.

Happy and joyful days…

Disneyland Paris

Holiday…  please read the word out loud! Who is going, where and when in your subconscious, is it me? If similar questions come to your mind, you are like me. It gives a unique thrill no matter what your job is and provides an incredible motivation even minutes before you go on vacation. 

Then a time comes, due to work intensity and your exhaustion, you remember yourself eating popcorn while watching an episode of Game of Thrones and got bored of everything. In addition, now I’m talking about vacation. Not to make you envy but I had a full week time. Like how parents arrange their holidays according to their children, I do it according to my work. For those who think “aww what a shame, where could she be going?” let me say, I was only joking, I’m going to Paris…

Don’t know what the name Paris reminds you of, Louvre Museum, Versailles Palace or Eiffel Tower but for me, it means only Disneyland and Parc Asterix. I literally froze at my last visit there between the dates 6-11th of February! We wandered around on sunny but ice cold weather for a couple of days, then rain added to this condition. If you have opportunity, I advise you not to make your visits during winter, unless cold weather doesn’t bother you. This period of time is only good for one thing, shopping. Stores start their discount sales in early January, and during these days’ prices become insanely cheap.

Our maturity and perspective change as years pass, thus my opinion about shopping has changed a lot so my mom and my sister don’t want me to accompany them when shopping anymore.

Disneyland Paris opened in 1992 in an hour away from the center of Paris. Their location choice was so accurate that I want to invite their city planner committee to Turkiye and to A1 AVM, TOKI and Istanbul Yenikapi meeting space. We are that good in this matter.

It is possible to get there by bus, train or a rental car as an alternative. I preferred going by train. Getting on the train from the town center, it took me 45 minutes to arrive. I’ve decided that it’s the easiest, fastest and economical way.

During our travel in Paris, we only used metro as transportation. After long calculations, I want to transfer my decision about the most economical transportations. There are Paris Fast Pass cards which edited every Monday.  You can see them at box-office windows near every Information Desk in subway stations. It’s valid until next Monday no matter which day you take it.

Now here, I’ve made a calculation like this. It costs 10 Euros to buy a one-way ticket from Charles de Gaulle airport to midtown. But it is really unnecessary to give this money for a one-way ticket, because with the card that costs 26 Euros, you can travel to all five districts of Paris. Besides, this card is not only used in subways, it is also valid in buses! The only thing you need is a mug shot. Don’t worry if you forget it, there are kiosks where you can get a mug shot for 2-4 Euros in a minute.

Paris is divided into five districts. They have arranged the prices according to these districts but don’t let it confuse you and get one of this Fast Cards. You might want to go to another district which you haven’t tought of going before. So buy a Fast Card that is shown below for 26 Euros. And before you forget about my favor about this matter, I continue…

Here is lifesaving information…

Even one day before you arrive or the time you learn your visit dates, by all means buy your tickets online from www.disneylandparis.com before going to Disneyland. Prices may differ even inside the country. You may buy the cheapest if you buy from French site. The ticket that is being sold in our country is 87 Euros, it’s about 56 Euros in French site. Don’t ever think of buying the tickets when you get there, you might pay 140 Euros per person.

Disneyland Paris consists of two parks; Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Don’t think thatseeing one of them is enough for you. Both of them are amazing. You need to include both park entrances when buying your tickets. One more thing about the tickets, they offer a shuttle service according to your arrival and departure. But there is no need to buy extra service, train takes you to the gates of the park. If you buy the fast card I mentioned, you don’t have to pay any extra money for transportation.

I want to tell a little bit about Disneyland Paris before we start exploring the parks.

Disneyland Park is the second theme park after Tokyo that Disneyland opened in 1992 outside of America. It was opened as Euro Disney Resort in 1992, then changed to Disneyland Paris in 2002. The CEO of the park explained it in 2002 as the word Euro has different impressions on American and European people. Americans comprehend the word as “magical and thrilling” yet Europeans think of it as their money currency. In the same year, Walt Disney Studios Park has opened next to Disneyland Park. 

This park is 32 kilometers away from the town center, and built on a 4,800 acres, 19 km2 field. There are 2 theme parks, hotel, restaurant, various entertainment places, golf course and shopping stores in this park. It’s located in a green environment and absolutely amazing.

As I mentioned above, there are two different concepts of parks.

I wanted to start from Walt Disney Studios Park without any particular reason. Here is a photo of me taken in front of its gates.

Weather was incredibly cold. My face is without an expression in some photos, that you can tell the pain on my face from the cold.

There is a Disney Store on your left when you enter. My humble opinion is not to waste time in different stores inside the park, as they’ve collected all the products in a single store. You can also buy things and leave them in the stores for safe keeping until you return but there is no need. The store is on the way to exit, near café and restaurants. I have shared a photo of it at the end of my article.

There is an indoor dining area when you enter Walt Disney Studios Park that you can see in the photo. You don’t want to eat at first because of the thrill of coming to Disneyland but this is probably the place where you come back eventually. There are several nice restaurants inside the park. You may celebrate this day by having a hamburger and French fries for a day in this fast food area. I am a big fan on Vedat Milor. I go to the restaurants that he has been all around the world. I trust his taste. Despite the lack of good taste even in a Burger King hamburger, who cares? We came to have fun.

Theme parks are places where from all equipment’s to color choices suits to a character and concept and manufactured by a single company.  Everywhere of this park is prepared with the same concept. 

Our first destination is Aladdin’s magic lamp and flying carpet. If you take a closer look, there is also a sign for disabled friends. Not all but most of the game groups have these kind of signs. Some of the rides can be boarded with a wheelchair. To have this kind of access, they design and produce one or two seats according to this situation. Respect and value is same, as it should be. Even sidewalks in Turkiye are danger to blind people, but let’s carry on with another visual feast.

Crush’s Coaster

It looked so much fun but there was a very long waiting line so I didn’t ride it. By all means go for it. Here we are again facing a child’s adorable face and a mother’s fearful eyes. Those who follow my Instagram page, I have tons of these photos. 

Cars Quatre Roues Rallye; is a very cute ride. ‘Cars’ rides turning on a platform. My favorite character was ‘Luigi’. I also took a video of it. It’s very entertaining for kids.

Ratatouille; Those who have seen the animation movie Ratatouille, know. It’s the name of a meal, which a tiny rat prepares with vegetables like zucchini, eggplant and tomato. I’ve seen this movie in Bodrum with my sister, don’t know if she remembers it. There was approximately 55 minutes of waiting time. So we thought of a little smartness. There is another entrance for single riders and waiting time was about 20 minutes. As the seats are made for 3 or 4, there was always a need for single person. We waited on the line with my husband, but not seated together. It doesn’t matter, because it was such a fun ride. Even Ataturk was sitting next to you; you would probably wait for it to over before talking to him. Just kidding, I would hug him so hard and never let go. My dear Ancestor!

They give you a 3D glasses at the end of the line. If you think you are too cool to wear it, it’s up to you.

Look how cute the cars are, there are small tails behind them. This tail situation is brother and sisters nightmare. Whenever my sister went to see her beloved Rıza, I stuck to her like a tail.:))

Meanwhile, before finishing my Ratatouille story and haven’t get off yet, there is a scene of a crowd eating. What I mean is that I didn’t eat their food but there is a very stylish restaurant worth checking for.

One of the decorations at the park. 

One of the decorations at the park. 

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin; is fun for kids, don’t miss it.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop; is suitable for all ages. You should try it.



I wish I could bring this light home!

I wish I could bring this light home!

The cars are all used in movies of Walt Disney Studios. So nostalgic. As soon as I saw the police cars, the cue ‘Coppers are coming’ came to my mind.

There are also live performances such as Animagique, Cinemagique and Find Nemo in the park. They occur in specific times. You can’t catch all of them in a day, unless you have several days. I had the chance to watch Cinemagique. It was nice. I suggest you to go in and watch especially when it’s cold, you can warm up a little bit. 

I could only tell about a few of 12 different attractions. There are more game sets, live shows and parades to explore.

I’ll end my story about Walt Disney Studio’s Park and carry on with Disneyland Park. You can walk there in two minutes. You pass inside of a cotton candy pink colored building at the entrance, and you most likely stop to take a photo. Everything is so beautiful that one day when I bring my niece or my own child, I want to stay here at least five days. If you have opportunity I suggest you do the same.  On the one hand Mickey Mouse and his friends accompany you at breakfast, on the other, hotel rooms are decorated so elegant. You may find reservation info and price list from this link.

The setup and decoration made for the ticket booths are so beautiful, that you can’t complain the long lines and waiting.

You may find brochures of the park in many languages, safe lockers, wheelchairs and baby carriages at the entrance.

There was a sign that got my attention. The sign you see on the photo below, there is a warning of a movie shoot in some areas of the park. It says “If you don’t want to be a part of these scenes, please stay away of these areas.” Wow.

If you see this sign as soon as you enter Disneyland Park, it means between 11:00 and 16:00 you might get a chance to take a photo with Minnie Mouse and her friends. A photographer with a professional camera takes the photos. Then you can buy your photo on the way out with the piece of paper he gave you. I didn’t ask how much that costs. If you wonder, just ask him “how much?”  A crowd of people wait calmly for their turn to come.

A bug and two accomplices are trying to manage soft drinks car.

First I saw it in Disneyland Orlando, I liked it a lot. A service of Disneyland to their tiny guests. A shop which only makes haircuts. It’s also a memory, don’t know about you but I would definitely get my child’s hair cut here. 

Disneyland Park forms by six districts; Main Street, U.S.A., Frontier Land, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land and Discovery Land. There are 49-50 attractions in total in this park.

Each district has its own concept but in order to make no confusion, I need to say that they are all inside the park. I also want to mention that they reach approximately 10 million guest count in a year. 

Phantom Manor

Our first stop in this park is a dark ride located in Frontier Land. It is highly inspired from its two times bigger cousin Haunted Mansion in Orlando Disneyland. The dark ride experience you started on foot, end by car. It is there since the opening of the park. I have a rough time entering these dark rides. As a must of my job, I encourage myself and enter. I couldn’t enter the one in Liseberg, that’s another story. My only criteria is to see children on the waiting line.  A photo of me at the entrance and some details that got my attention;

Swiss Family Tree

I felt so sad not to see it because of the alteration. Take a look at this beauty.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril - ( Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril )

This roller coaster opened in July,1993, is manufactured by a Swiss company Intamin. There is one Loop, which means 360 degrees turn. It is inspired from Indiana Jones movie as its understood by the name. There are several details as the car and the snake statues that were used in the movie. It was very entertaining. Don’t miss it!

Le Carrousel de Lancelot

Merry Go Round or by the other name Carousel is one of my favorite rides. You may find everything about carousels in my collection. No matter where on earth, if a carousel of an amusement park isn’t satisfying enough, I could forget about the rest of that park. I think that’s my habit, like the wines I drink in Vedat Milor’s advised restaurants…

The carousel is still in good shape regarding its twenty years of age.

The best way as a dinning chair, and crown of parents with children.

Disneyland organizes parades with cartoon characters that are created until today inside the park at certain times. I was so impressed when I first saw it. I’ve even shed a few tears. To see those cartoon characters that I’ve watched the movies of when I was a child, made me emotional. Disneyland never failed me down. Always been there with joy and left happy. If you want to take a break, no matter your age is, please just go there.

Here is the Disney Store that I mentioned at the beginning of my article. Decoration is so elegant and fascinating. You want to buy everything in there. I can’t think of a better place when we speak of a gift. Products all beautiful than other, like pen, notebook, Disney movie song CDs, kitchen and bathroom tools, accessory, clothing. Although I still see the some of the same items since 2008, they are all precious to me.

That’s it from Disneyland Paris. If you wonder my personal opinion, and you have opportunity, I suggest you to go to Orlando Disneyland. If you have flight issues, distance or budget troubles, by all means visit here. I’m sure you won’t regret it. Wish you never lose your inner child…

Ferris Wheels

Rode when we were kids,

will ride with your children,

have your grand children ride

a lunapark legend, ferris wheels.

 Some ferris wheels are identified with the city they are located in, and some became symbols inside the parks they stand. When thinking of ferris wheels, the first we rode, our first love comes to mind; then the one we saw in a scenic photo or gigantic ferris wheels in a city we've been appear in our eyes.

 A sweet thrill wraps the one with gradually flourish scenery while reaching to the highest point of the ferris wheel. Especially when it's reached to top and ferris wheel stopped, you are alone with that increadiable view. The city you are in lies at your feet... You see the city from an angle which you've never seen before. You look to your right and left in a 360 degrees angle of vision cabin, reach your camera to take a photo and immortalize this moment, don't realise how time passes by while giving amazing poses, return journey starts. Take along the happiness and the photos you are gonna share with your loved ones plus still remember the pleasure after you got out of that gigantic ferris wheel.

There are some famed ferris wheels. One of them is,

•      40 people capasity cabin, 

•    took away the Guinness world's highest record from Singapore Flyer located in Singapore by only two and a half meters difference,

•    approximately thirty minutes ride costs twenty to thirty dolars per person,

•    with a hundred and sixty seven meters height, for now it's the world's tallest ferris wheel; 

'High Roller’.

If you have a vacation plan to visit America and the city well known with it's casinos, Las Vegas located in Nevada state, I suggest including this ferris wheel.

During the time when my beloved father kept me so occupied in business, I mostly spend my time in one of Starpark branches. In fact the situation hasn't changed much. I admit that I'm not very good at stationary office work. I prefer to work in the field, to see and learn, follow closely the desires of children and their parents, answer their demands first-hand, determine our general needs and such works make me happier. Together with the everyday experiances, being a part in someone's life from any age section just for a brief moment is my biggest motivation. To work, working and doing the best you can do, creates different feelings in some of us. Being happy is a person's own choice. e.g. whatever our job is, it's in our hands to be happy doing that job.

In a day like that, week day afternoon I was walking alone in the park. Suddenly a young man running by my side, he was like he fell into a parfume bottle, wearing a white shirt, bumped me in the shoulder and gone. He kept running without an excuse. I didn't like this rude behaviour. I started walking faster after him. It's an usual situation children running around inside a lunapark, but there could only be 2 reasons for a middle aged person running agitated. First, game card credit is finished and the ride he / she will take is about to start and now we are gonna figure out the second one.

Then the young man stopped and he whispered something to one of our employees' ear, he was clearly agitated. They begin talking about something ear to ear. By staying away, to see this person's next move, I didn't intervene.

(Us, Turks are curious people, we must know about everything. Let me give an example right now; the situation is like this in Istanbul traffic. We slow down to see why the car is broken on the side of the road. I tought of this a lot, why do we slow down or stop? Here is what I think of the reason. If one day our car stops running what can we do about it, who do we call, and toughts like these slows us and makes us think about it. Although it infuriates other drivers, there is nothing to do, we are who we are.)

Let's get back to our agitated customer. Him running inside the park attracted not only my attention but also our branch manager Mr. Hasan, thus he quietly came near me. Now both of us were watching this whiperings. Then a boy and a girl passed us and walked towards to the man we placed on probation. It was obvious that they are the young man's friends. They decided to ride the ferris wheel. Young man an his girl friend got in one cabin and their friend in another behind them. 

As soon as we saw they got inside the cabin, we run to the operator. The person who controls the rides are called operator. When I arrive near the operator, I've learnt that the young man wants to propose to the girl, and requested the operator to stop an hold the ferris wheel a bit longer on the top when their cabin gets there. Ferris wheels and many other lunapark tools work on automatic programmes. But they can also be controlled manually. Ferris wheels work manually, too. The reason is simple. For you to enjoy the view for a few minutes at the highest point.

A sweet thrill wrapped me as soon as I heard about the proposal. I could say that I was shocked. Immediately I walked to a place far away from the ferris wheel. I absolutely didn't want to miss this moment. Think about it, how many times a person can witness someone elses wedding proposal?

When I got to a place where I can see them, I immediately looked up to the top. Young man was telling something to his future fiance against landscape. And the girl was sitting towards scenery but listening to him and enjoying the view. While I was thinking whether he already proposed or not or he gave up, young man opened the ring box and brought it to her eye sight. This was an unexpected marriage proposal. I have witnessed such a special moment as I couln't help myself to shed a few tears. Our operator was holding their cabin up at the top as he promised. We were all wondering, happy and can't wait to congratulate them... This beautiful moment was spoken many days. (The image below is for you to imagine ;)

Whenever ferris wheel is mentioned, that special moment comes to my mind which I'll never forget for the rest of my life. And now from here I want to tell that young man that I accept his apology, which he never did, for bumping me on the shoulder, and my endless thanks to him for letting me have this unforgettable experience.

That rude young man was in fact a romantic in love. Greetings to all romantic gentlemen who suprise us and make us happy and to all the ladies who deserve the best of everything!

That's all for now. Loves.

Please click here for technical details. 


8 Shaped Ferris Wheel

After living a sedentary life for approximately 10-15 years in our world, we achieved a remarkable progress in technology the last hundred years. Don't know if you noticed but mankind who haven't shown any progress in technology for centuries, suddenly meet tools like cell phones, computers, airplanes and become productive. It didn't take long to come to this level from the invention of telephone and the times we cover it with lace cloth. The surprising part is, how everyone from all ages kept up with this dizzy change. It's a controversial matter that electronic mails taking place of letters, celebrations are simply messages, sadness, joy, anger and disappointments shared by photographs and text content notifications. 

Aside from social networks, somehow surprisingly we encounter a different innovation everyday. Thus, as a result of evolution, we live many firsts in the world. Last couple of years we have encounter with phrases or words that start like 'the biggest in the world', 'the largest in Europe', 'the world's first'. Sentences starting with words like 'the first or the biggest', lure consumers. These phrases became a nessecity that needs to be pointed to show a story or to add excitement and persuasiveness. I realized that I use them too...

Here is another first to you... The world's first, figure-eight ferris wheel 'Golden Reel'. This ferris wheel will be located in Macau which also known as Las Vegas of China. Like in any other sector, diversity and innovation are wanted elements. If you are going to open a hotel in a city where casinos are located, you have to make an attractive entrance, otherwise you will have a difficult time. Existing hotels have already made their names and they don't have any intention to losetheir regular customers to no one. Customers who will be visiting for the first time, chose the most popular places. There are infinite choices like shows, concerts, games, fountains, and fashion shows as long as we mention money.


The company, which accepted the designing and manufacturing of figure-eight ferris wheel, is without a surprise 'Intamin Amusement Rides'. It's built 131 meters of the ground and as you can see in the photo, located between the two central towers of the resort hotel. Visitors will access the ride from the 23rd floor of the building. It's said that rides will take 15 minutes. Up to 10 people will fit into each pod. Cost is a hundred dollars for an adult, eighty dollars for children and finally eighty-five Hong Kong dollars for natives.

This project's countdown for the announced opening on 27th October has started. Naturally, the most exciting part for me is figure-eight ferris wheel. We will see whether it's worth waiting for.

Studio City Resort will be a US$ 3.2 billion movie-themed complex run by casino and entertainment firm in Asia. The resort will feature a hotel, a range of dining options, gaming areas named Fun Zone and luxury shopping. It will also boast a 5,000-seat multi-purpose entertainment venue for music, theater and sporting events; a 300-seat live-audience TV broadcast studio for reality and game-show productions; a 40,000- sq ft family entertainment center; and a nightclub. In these consumption madness days, there is a thought like a hotel without luxury shops better not be, shops are being spraded everywhere. Never been to Macau but I might make a guess, concidering the similarities with Las Vegas, hotels close by already have same luxury shops. Instead of these random shops, I wish steps taken for entertainment and for you all days full of peace and happiness.

Drop Tower

It's a serious thing to learn how to ride a bicycle, almost like learning how to drive a car. Two small tires are added to each side of rear tire of the bicycle for little ladies and gentlemen to control their balance easier. After a while, one of the small tire is removed and finally deducted to two normal tires by saying 'Daddy I've learnt it, remove the other one too'. But in any case, can't avoid to fall from that bicycle even just for once. Returning home with elbows and knees covered in bruises, crying and saying 'Mommy, I fell'. We get angry with the bicycle not long just for a day, then say to ride slowly to yourself, before a week past we start feeling we can ride with holding only one hand. Funny and nice memories… Here you can see one of us;

Not so sure whether demand for bicycles got lower or not by developing technology but I believe bicycles are needed to be used for all ages and even prefered over cars. Think of a traffic free Istanbul, everyone ride bicycles. Vehicles polluting the air are gone and we became a civilized country with citizens respecting each other... Oh what if we don't have these dreams...

Falling means 'To drop or come down freely under the influence of gravity' in dictionary. Do not underrate by saying falling... Newton discovered the law of gravity when an apple fell to his head.  So it's told that apple fell to his head when Newton was sitting under a tree and he wonders why it fell? Why not to the right or left but straight down? Well, why don't the moon, sun and stars fall? Then he had made one of the most important discovery of the laws of physics. Or maybe, he came to his senses when that apple fell and discovered the law of gravity, who knows...

Let me introduce you to, the latest and most exciting fall you are gonna experience... which you will personally test gravity... on the way to become an amusement park classic, 'Tower'. By saying the slogan 'Falling has never been more fun', here is the World's tallest tower yet; Drop of Doom.

Incredible, isn't it?

Let's get to a brief technical information stage;

There are infinite alternatives for height selection when choosing a tower. For indoor areas, for the low heights, there is a 10 meters tall model that I know of. Of course, you will need at least 12 meters of ceiling height for that. Frankly being lower doesn't mean anything. This height should be a limit so it could give excitement. 

Surely this 10 meters gives you only about 6 meters of falling space when you calculate the decor and floor. The tower in the photo includes given measurements. Total weight is given as 7.600 kilograms. Although it defers according to electrical panels the company use, it generally works automatically. You select a programme from four or five different types and it works at the same programme until you change it.  

I would not consider having this playgroup in an outdoor amusement park. I prefer a tower, that will be set outside, should be at least twenty meters tall. Even if it's set on a place reserved for a certain age group of kids, I would make my choice from another attraction. 

Part where riders board is called gondola. When you board on this gondola, you close the security bar, buckle a seatbelt from between your legs to security bar and you are ready to fall. Gondola takes you to the highest point by slowly turning around itself clockwise or counter-clockwise. It releases you into a free fall least you expected. Not knowing when to fall and the speed of falling gives you the excitement... Plus, think of having this drop from a gigantic tower. 

As the info I've read from Wikipedia, Drop of Doom which is located at the Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey USA is the tallest drop tower ride in the world at the time. Tower, that you watched the video of, is 139 meters tall in total with 126 meters drop height. Drops in exactly 10 seconds. An incredible number. Well how is this engineering marvel ride made?

Manufacturing takes nearly nine months. Companies that are qualified to manufacture this ride, probably have many orders. Because of that you have to wait for your turn. Would not like to generalize but no matter the quantity of your order, yours shouldn't effect another. Yes, we agreed on price and shook hands for a normal size. Let's say our height is hundred meters. The twenty meters tall tower, which you got scared and didn't ride is now a piece of cake. :)

Engineers working within company do static calculations. These engineers do the calculations according to number of people. One purpose of these calculations is to prepare the setup ground. There is a preparation process of the ground to be able to stand the pressure occuring from the fall. Same subject also exists for construction sector. Some of you may know. After passing this stage, we came to manufacturing part. Gondola of the tower and seats are the easiest... At this part, patterns, colors, lights... a kind of art takes place of calculations. 

Even though I can't give you the exact height measures, if you ride an over average ride, a limitation for your age and height is being applied. You have to be at least 120 cm. tall if you want to ride a hundred meters tall tower. There is a fact that cultural differences are also one of the factors effecting these criterias. If we give an example from our country, age range is much lower than Europe and America. 

Let's give an example from our subject tower. Although it is predictable to have a twelve year old to ride a twenty meters tall tower, in foreign countries this limit can be lower to six year olds. Don't know whether this subject is open for discussion or not but in my opinion to apply a height limit instead of age is better. Here is a picture from our outdoor park. The tower is 24 meter high, from SBF-Visa Group. The park is located in Bursa, Turkiye. 

Well, that's all for this week. Wait for my future article about photographed manufacturing process of a tower . Happy drops guys...


As I was about to start my sentence by saying ‘everyone has a hobby’, a long time agenda sentence; a citizen’s words ‘everyone has a butty’  that had been shown on television came to my mind. The sentence does not make sense itself, i know. Neither the guy. 

Hobbies are activities that let’s people get away from daily life for a while and spare time for themselves. Generally it’s impossible to see a person wasting time who has a favorite hobby. That person is either working or spending time on his/her hobby. Although it seems a waste of time for working on a hobby, they spend the time for resting their minds. This week, I’d like to share one of the endless hobbies like doing a handicraft, working on a sport branch, collecting, parachuting, drawing.

There are almost a hundred people doing this hobby in Turkiye. I mean a hobby; mostly known by men but not being discouraged, detail, focus and most of all talent needed, Model Cars. 

Let me tell you how I was involved to this hobby which only a hundred poeple endeavor in a country with almost seventy seven million population. Because of my spouse. When we married, he brought big tool bags and small sized cars with him. My first toughts and reactions were like; ‘My God where are we gonna put all these’, ‘There are new small size tool boxes, would they do you good?’ Unless you wanna face these kind of reactions from women, don’t do it. I have learnt to live with them in time, I even start showing more interest that we joined a rarely organized race. 

The place for this race is classified as the best racetrack in Turkiye. It even takes place in ‘one of the bests’ list in Europe. This complex is especially for model cars racetrack but also has model plane tracks and a pond for model boats. A unique place to gather different kind of hobby owners and model vehicle owners. This place is located in Buca district of Izmir. Few people are interested in hobbies in Turkiye, thus only a person interested in model vehicles could had built such quality racetrack. The person, who volunteered for building this racetrack, spent hundreds of thousands Turkish Liras and expected nothing but development of this hobby is Cem Bakioglu. Bakioglu, who is known by his plane hobby, had built a racetrack even good enough to make European model lovers to visit. 

That was a special preparation and qualifications race for EFRA Izmir IC race that will take place for the first time in Turkiye. Also the second base of Turkiye Championship. No matter it’s a warm up race for European Championship, model lovers from Europe show interest. Apparently, we will see many foreign racers in the next EFRA base.


Let’s talk about why model cars needs serious technical knowledge and talent. In races, we see racers on duty from 10 to 45 minutes. Process before driving the car, like approximate maintenance, adjustment, preparation, takes hours even days. Naturally, bigger part of this hobby is these cars maintenance and adjustment. The racer gets his reward for the days spent by vehicle preparation stage, on racetrack. All parts are needed to be put together correctly, adjusted and maintenanced to prepare a good car. It’s also an important issue to adjust mechanics, electrorics, clutch and engine according to weather and track conditions. Each racer makes and develops private adjustments, regarding his experiance gained in time. Naturally, it keeps this hobby owners busy between races to fix or change broken parts, to change worn-out parts, to hold ready necessary speacial parts, to search and select new modification parts that can be useful. 

Adjustments are very precise, maintenances are almost, maybe more, comprehensive and complicated. Apart from driving ability, technical knowledge determine your point to be reached. As I mention spare parts, there is a complaint that my spouse always mentions. The thing is; parts he supplies from overseas are being tought waste and thrown away. He protects each part, cleans every piece one by one even the smallest, and some parts can’t be seen because of oil and dirt. It’s normal for me to guess them waste, right? 

For example, all parts, from the smallest to the biggest, are being brought from overseas. He sometimes waits one of them for days, and after a long time of no arrival, he goes to the post office and asks for it as if he is waiting a letter from homeland. Most annoying part is the pieces stuck in the customs. Let’s call it one of Turkiye’s handicaps and move on.

Two different type of model cars used for this race;

  • GP (gas powered) named model cars (see the picture below) and,
  • EP (electric power) model cars (see the picture below) .
  • A car’s scale is in proportion of 1/10 of a normal size automobile.

My favorite racer and also Turkiye Champion is Mustafa Alp. One of the youngest names in the group. It was a great pleasure for me to watch him drive. Blue car in photo belongs to Mustafa and himself on the left.



Wish to see you at Turkiye On Road Championship that will take place on 8th and 9th of August in Bursa…

Swing Ride

We all have a super hero that has a place in our hearts. Who doesn’t want to fly like Superman with a fist in the air, climb buildings pit-a-pat like Spiderman, use swords like Ninja Turtles with a colorful and cool mask on our face, jump from tree to tree like Tarzan, and do magic like Harry Potter?

I remember, when I was a little girl, I used to make horrible make ups to my dolls, feed them, pull out those beautiful pink Barbie hairs by brushing for a short while.

I realize that I love football more when I start scoring goals in a one sided goal post match. But I had some criterias to do matches. For example, my goalkeeper must be the weakest, smallest, and feeble of our team who lets me score and won’t reveal it. We won’t learn how to be a spoilsport from boys, would we?...

My father liked one sided goal post match idea, because of having 1 out of 2 girls go out to play ball with a football under her arm, knee high socks and knee long boy shorts. When playing football with friends, if our ball flattens or gone to an unreachable place, my father surely brings another football next day. As long as I play…

Well I talked a lot; let me get back to super heroes. Without a doubt one of the favorites is SUPERMAN. Almost in 60 years time, seven or eight movies have been filmed by different actors and producers, and presented to all aged viewers liking. Don’t know about you but I wanted to fly like Superman.

Actually, our first flying experience happens in our mothers and fathers arms. They toss us up and catch while saying “flew flew”. Now I do the same with my dearest niece Deniz. I’m not a mother, only an aunt, but I love my niece Deniz so much that I now understand my friends with children why they always talk about their childs. For I only want to tell about Deniz, and share her moves that seem funny to me with my loved ones.

If we pass me being a perfect aunt… we have a set that makes you fly in amusement parks. Swing rides. It’s been with us over a hundred years. You fly single or double on the seats hanged by chains. There are many companies producing these sets. Even it’s the mechanical and material quality that matters, swings are generally trouble free and one of the indespensables of an amusement park. There are 2 different sizes; for children and for adults. We always set at least one swing ride in our parks.

Let me introduce you to gigantic models, almost a hundred meters height and increasing numbers over a ten since last couple of years. Frankly these models can not be compared with eachother. For starters, we know these kind of big sets as “Trill Rides”. The meaning of Thrill Rides is; very exciting in nature and gigantic sized amusement park attractions.

Believe me when I say, it takes guts to fly this time. Even roller coasters make you experience another kind of thrill, this is an unlike set. You are being taken up to a hundred meters high and you fly at the highest point, if you have courage, with open eyes… A flying experience that makes you feel a whole day mood changes in 3 minutes.

In photo, you’ll see SkyScreamer which is exactly 125 meters height. For who may wonder, this set is in one of Six Flags parks, in Mexico City. 3 minutes flight speed is 64 km/h !

To give you some courage, even these can be found only in some models, there are double seats. Doesn’t it feel encouraging with a lover you feel safe with, your spouse, mother, father, brother/sister or a friend? You are not alone even when screaming. Living these moments is prizeless with a person sitting so close, right near you and stays in your mind as an unforgetable memory.

Six Flags Texas Skyscreamer

Six Flags Texas Skyscreamer

Wish you collect people and memories; joy of life that makes you feel like flying… Have a nice flight.

For those interested on technical details;

We seperate them into groups by names; mini, medium and large. A mini swing ride starts average of 3,18 meters height. Their energy is 1.5 KW. These numbers increase according to the size growth and demanded height. Given average and exact numbers are only for mini sekolin “swing rides”.

The choice is yours for colors and patterns, although appearance is the same. Surely there are standard models but a work is needed to be done for a theme and decor suited to the park. For the lighting option, using LED lights gives you advantage in long term usage.

Set up takes 2 days for children swing rides. It’s maximum 5 days for a medium size sekolin. Building process starts from the centre part where you don’t see, then doors are being mounted and finally swings are being connected. That’s all!






Batman the Ride

Batman the Ride was announced officially on 28th of August, 2014 by “Six Flags Fiesta Texas” located at San Antonio which is one of the three park of Six Flags. Announcement day was also my birthday. I have been waiting for this ride passionately and it was nice to see this ride on my birthday; felt like having another gift  on birthday. 

Six Flags Parks have been in cooperation with Warner Bros.'s company of DC Comics for theming the rides and use DC Comics characters in their parks. Check out the amazing color match of yellow and black.

Batman the Ride starts a new age at amusement rides. It is the first 4D Free Spin roller coaster in the world. Probably, it is one of the most attractive and interesting ride nowadays. The manufacturer of this amazing ride is another American company, S&S Worldwide.

On presentation, they say, 'You don't need a Batsuit to ride, just Batman-level bravery!' about this roller coaster. If I have to give a summary of this three minute of an excitement coaster, riders can sit four across in two rows for a total of eight riders per train. The seats go forward and backwards and turns in itself. As you board on your vehicle, you will notice facing other passengers from the other seats. The track is up to 311 meters long. The journey starts with an elevator that climbs up to 36 meter and when you reach to the highest level of the coaster, you will begin to tumble head to toe. As the world's first coaster to use this type of magnetic technology, you will feel weightless as you drop down two beyond 90 degree free fall drops. Your journey goes on with eight times flip and come to an end with twelve story lift. The excitement gets higher even more with its special effects and soundings.



The ride represents the latest coastering technology and designs where you cannot find in no place on Earth, but we cannot know that for sure, if we do not try it right?

One of the most common apply on children to ride coasters is the height restriction. You have to be taller than 122 cm. At the entrance of each rides, there is measurement for the heights, so there is no way escaping from the precaution. :)

If you are planning a visit to America, this advice will make your trip so much more fun and unforgettable. Now that there is new theatre coming up in 2016, this will be a good practice for Batman world. Here is the address if you heading through Texas; 

17000 IH-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78257 Six Flags Fiesta Texas

For the ones that are planning a visit to Unites States, i am sure they will think twice after this video;

Dark Rides

There was one and maybe there still is in Istanbul Kucukciftlik Amusement Park :) A tunnel fifteen meters long, a skeleton pops up Bo! And another creature with blinking lights in its eyes. It ends in five seconds, before you know it. A classic of an amusement park that doesn’t even attract children anymore for usage of simplest and classical tools. Although it’s possible to create a fantastical one by using different attractions, it’s sad that no one is trying to. The version in Izmir Fair was extraordinary that darkened my childhood nightmares and led me to think “When I grow up, I would make  a dark ride so scary that gives everyone shivers. It was a tunnel which makes me want to go back there, get scared and have such plastic monsters as nightmares after a long time. And then there was a very scary Dark Ridel story  of Koontz if I’m not mistaken… A sadness, an anxiety against a danger or thought of a danger, a place where entered with a conditional instinct that says “ok guys, we are gonna get scared”. An amusement park entertainment??? which could sometimes makes people cry even though there are a few black caped mannequins  and dusty spider webs inside like some versions in Turkiye. They are the necessity of amusement parks although some in Turkiye makes ten year old kids laugh.


Aside from Casper the friendly ghost, I am still not sure which one is scarier; all ghosts or the skeletons trying to eat me with clicking jaws, There was a figure in amusement park in Bursa Kulturpark when technology was all about house phones. A figure; big, spectacular, felt as if it’s only looking at me with red eyes, impatiently waiting for me to get inside the tunnel to eat me, fume coming out of it’s nose, creepy noise gives me shivers, a figure I was trying to avoid eye contact, that was, a dragon.


When they entered to Turkiye amusement parks first models and most samples were rail systemed, so they are called “Horror Train” at first. But I mostly like the definition of “Horror Tunnel”. First example was in Genclik Park amusement park in about 1975. The examples in Turkiye haven’t changed much until now. Despite foreign examples, they scared many people. Many memories pass my mind with a smile… In 80’s, 90’s and first couple of years in 2000, you used to travel inside a dark corridor by a vagon. A majestic door at the entrance with scary monster paintings, then dreadful wall paintings with blinking lights, dark colored linen pieces tied to a ventilator touch your face with wind in the darkest place, sheet worn ghost comics running around… No really, if you were young enough, you got scared… Anyway we are ready to get scared. Tunnel doors open and close loudly and suddenly, lovers entering  tunnel with holding hands or hugging, ladies closing their eyes and I am one of them who even cover their head with their arms and hide until the exit!


I have seen several men with a mocking smile on their face, comforting their loved ones or wives as have the confidence that there can’t be anything inside possibly scare him, then come out with a pale face. But never to forget; there was someone who was irreplaceable. Broom holding man inside who waits for us… He greets you almost at the very beginning in his pitch black costume. As you relieve thinking he missed you this time, a piece of linen touches your hair and you’ve reached the point where screams start. There are still animators doing this job these days, some professional and some just personal interest. Yet there is someone to terrify you inside fear tunnel! This fear is interesting feeling that settles in you when you are little… There was a picture of a monster on a traffic sign on the way to school saying “Don’t be a traffic monster”. Don’t know if my father were scared but it used to terrify me because it was a woody area full of trees. I thought there lived a monster, hungry and alone, ready to jump in front of us everyt ime we pass that road, bite us then turn us into traffic monsters. Here is the monster that used to scare me :) 

After the year of 2000, things have changed, animatronics replaced broom holders place. Advanced forms of technology that make it possible for us to think old Ninja Turtles were actual creatures. I am talking about a similar structure of an exact movement form of a live entity formation and  robots that mimic the entity’s form mechanics regarding to movements.


I enjoy designing horror tunnels for parks and selecting animatronics situated inside… I enjoy the process of testing in laboratories of companies that I make purchases; adjusting lining hardness to consistency of human or animal skin tissue softness testings, sonic tone testings of many different lights, turning a head 360 degrees, severed arms or legs… etc. Well, as the broom holders couldn’t do these kind of things, their retirements were normal… Although I stay during the setup of these weird creatures, I admit running away as soon as a set is prepared, ready to work and lights turn out. :)

Fear is defined as sadness, anxiety or worry that is felt in return of a danger or thought of danger. Therefore, it’s very hard to design new concept fear tunnels and evolve rapidly all around the world. As “hard” examples took over “soft” technics in Turkish amusement parks, many independent fear entertainment areas started opening between streets. Oh be careful about those “hard” ones in America, they really raised the dosage of the job. It deiinetly needs courage to go inside and one can easily wet his/her clothes a little in this weird places. :) But if you ever have the chance to sample this “face your fear” experience, I recommend you to take it. We have a real but lighten application of this kind, MOIPARK Haunted Hotel (in Mall of Istanbul). Prime mover, designer and nowadays personally performing to special guests, dear Ilham Inan Dundar has hosted me in his hotel. In this twenty-five minutes of visit, Oh my God, no horrors left behind that has not happened to me… At first actors accompany you during a walk part. Naming them actors was a bit underestimating, I meant a bunch of lunatics and knife holding creatures. plus the gone mad visitors… Have mercy on our old time broom holding animators souls. While thinking what the hell have I done by entering this hotel, there starts the attacks of animatronics. At this point it seems the only way to salvation is rail system… So we took it… I wish… well that’s it from me, I will let you experience the rest… But the version in MOIPARK makes you a fear addict and wish to experience it over and over again. So, I plan my second visit as soon as possible. But this time, alone!...

As I always do, lets talk about the technical and investment parts of business inside Horror Hotel. Please click to read about the technical details and more about Dark Rides. 

Bumper Cars

Amusement parks are magnificent places where people spare time for happiness no matter how old. Dancing lights of the swings are almost like blinking stars of the sky. Surrounding with the music tunes of the swings that make you beany, on one hand the thrill you try to suppress and on the other fair ambiance which takes you back to your childhood. Memories are always happy; your father holding you tightly while sit on the royal horse at carousel, your mom giving you cotton candy on her fingertips, your lover holding your hand at ballerina, hearing your child's laughs while hitting to a park mascot with his tiny hands, joys you felt, you lived...

That's why I love my job. My job is amusement park. Exact definition of endless love that begins long before my father, my grandfather. I would tell plenty about this, for now let me say; we are the first business and administrator family of amusement park in Turkiye. First brand at export in producing mechanical swings for children. But for me the most important thing is being the first brand which contructs amusement park with mechanical swings inside a mall in Turkiye. Enough of advertisement but let me say this; anyone whose path had passed from Bursa has a moment of Starpark among the memories of Özdilek, Kafkas, Kültürpark and Uludağ.

Amusement parks are essentials of our childhood holidays and birthdays. Remember how we receive pocket money then run straight to amusement park. We were the center of the world even tough we were tens and hundreds of children there. Here is a picture shown by data and I determine over the years that I've worked in business; a visitor rides a bumper car each time. When we were kids, bumper cars were seen as a boy toy and thus girls rode them hesitantly and shyly at first. Boys provoking each other to bump our cars makes us anger so we bump their cars back for revenge. We even bend forward on steer wheel before the bump as if helps the intensity of bumping. Most scary part was when we loose eye contact to the person we bump the most and our rival Slam! hits to our car from behind while we wonder where he is. I was so scared every time. I used to think to spoil everything and get off the car but was not gonna leave fun unfinished.


I was a lucky child. I had the opportunity to ride any swing whenever I want. I think I was the first to learn how to drive a car among my peers. By going to amusement park early at week days when its empty, in summer holidays, I thought myself how to drive. In this big podium (we call podium to bumper car floor) where I drive freely, strayed and as long as I like, I almost feel like I'm on a dancing floor. On the one hand impressive music of popular songs of the days, on the other rotating disco balls and flashing lights.

I felt like a dance floor because of the disco balls on the ceiling of bumper cars area, laser lights and flashes. Now both mine and Tarkan's age will be revealed but at most I was in the mood when Tarkan's songs were being played. Every time "Şıkıdım" was played, my steering wheel turns 360 degrees and surely so does my car. As noone was on the podium, I would follow the lines on the floor and try not to get outside the lane. Sometime ago while I was driving from Istanbul to Bursa, I heard one of Tarkan's song " Gel Güzelim" on the radio. I got excited and had the urge to steer the wheel (my dear father should not hear this!)... A smile coming from my heart took its place on my lips. The bumper cars are the most alluring because it lets the feeling of sharing. For example, bumping into a strangers car is the funniest part. You get someone as target, at first you hesitate but also you want to bump as soon as possible. That person may also chose you as target or picked someone else. If you do not get the reaction you expected, you feel sad just for a second then Slam! another car bumps to yours from behind. Here you have a new target.


While we talk about memories this much, let me give you some details about bumper cars a little bit. Some of you may wonder about technical properties, car colors and sizes. Please click to read about technical details of bumper cars. 

That's all from me for this week... Have a nice day where our happinesses bump...