Bumper Cars

Amusement parks are magnificent places where people spare time for happiness no matter how old. Dancing lights of the swings are almost like blinking stars of the sky. Surrounding with the music tunes of the swings that make you beany, on one hand the thrill you try to suppress and on the other fair ambiance which takes you back to your childhood. Memories are always happy; your father holding you tightly while sit on the royal horse at carousel, your mom giving you cotton candy on her fingertips, your lover holding your hand at ballerina, hearing your child's laughs while hitting to a park mascot with his tiny hands, joys you felt, you lived...

That's why I love my job. My job is amusement park. Exact definition of endless love that begins long before my father, my grandfather. I would tell plenty about this, for now let me say; we are the first business and administrator family of amusement park in Turkiye. First brand at export in producing mechanical swings for children. But for me the most important thing is being the first brand which contructs amusement park with mechanical swings inside a mall in Turkiye. Enough of advertisement but let me say this; anyone whose path had passed from Bursa has a moment of Starpark among the memories of Özdilek, Kafkas, Kültürpark and Uludağ.

Amusement parks are essentials of our childhood holidays and birthdays. Remember how we receive pocket money then run straight to amusement park. We were the center of the world even tough we were tens and hundreds of children there. Here is a picture shown by data and I determine over the years that I've worked in business; a visitor rides a bumper car each time. When we were kids, bumper cars were seen as a boy toy and thus girls rode them hesitantly and shyly at first. Boys provoking each other to bump our cars makes us anger so we bump their cars back for revenge. We even bend forward on steer wheel before the bump as if helps the intensity of bumping. Most scary part was when we loose eye contact to the person we bump the most and our rival Slam! hits to our car from behind while we wonder where he is. I was so scared every time. I used to think to spoil everything and get off the car but was not gonna leave fun unfinished.


I was a lucky child. I had the opportunity to ride any swing whenever I want. I think I was the first to learn how to drive a car among my peers. By going to amusement park early at week days when its empty, in summer holidays, I thought myself how to drive. In this big podium (we call podium to bumper car floor) where I drive freely, strayed and as long as I like, I almost feel like I'm on a dancing floor. On the one hand impressive music of popular songs of the days, on the other rotating disco balls and flashing lights.

I felt like a dance floor because of the disco balls on the ceiling of bumper cars area, laser lights and flashes. Now both mine and Tarkan's age will be revealed but at most I was in the mood when Tarkan's songs were being played. Every time "Şıkıdım" was played, my steering wheel turns 360 degrees and surely so does my car. As noone was on the podium, I would follow the lines on the floor and try not to get outside the lane. Sometime ago while I was driving from Istanbul to Bursa, I heard one of Tarkan's song " Gel Güzelim" on the radio. I got excited and had the urge to steer the wheel (my dear father should not hear this!)... A smile coming from my heart took its place on my lips. The bumper cars are the most alluring because it lets the feeling of sharing. For example, bumping into a strangers car is the funniest part. You get someone as target, at first you hesitate but also you want to bump as soon as possible. That person may also chose you as target or picked someone else. If you do not get the reaction you expected, you feel sad just for a second then Slam! another car bumps to yours from behind. Here you have a new target.


While we talk about memories this much, let me give you some details about bumper cars a little bit. Some of you may wonder about technical properties, car colors and sizes. Please click to read about technical details of bumper cars. 

That's all from me for this week... Have a nice day where our happinesses bump...