Swing Ride

We all have a super hero that has a place in our hearts. Who doesn’t want to fly like Superman with a fist in the air, climb buildings pit-a-pat like Spiderman, use swords like Ninja Turtles with a colorful and cool mask on our face, jump from tree to tree like Tarzan, and do magic like Harry Potter?

I remember, when I was a little girl, I used to make horrible make ups to my dolls, feed them, pull out those beautiful pink Barbie hairs by brushing for a short while.

I realize that I love football more when I start scoring goals in a one sided goal post match. But I had some criterias to do matches. For example, my goalkeeper must be the weakest, smallest, and feeble of our team who lets me score and won’t reveal it. We won’t learn how to be a spoilsport from boys, would we?...

My father liked one sided goal post match idea, because of having 1 out of 2 girls go out to play ball with a football under her arm, knee high socks and knee long boy shorts. When playing football with friends, if our ball flattens or gone to an unreachable place, my father surely brings another football next day. As long as I play…

Well I talked a lot; let me get back to super heroes. Without a doubt one of the favorites is SUPERMAN. Almost in 60 years time, seven or eight movies have been filmed by different actors and producers, and presented to all aged viewers liking. Don’t know about you but I wanted to fly like Superman.

Actually, our first flying experience happens in our mothers and fathers arms. They toss us up and catch while saying “flew flew”. Now I do the same with my dearest niece Deniz. I’m not a mother, only an aunt, but I love my niece Deniz so much that I now understand my friends with children why they always talk about their childs. For I only want to tell about Deniz, and share her moves that seem funny to me with my loved ones.

If we pass me being a perfect aunt… we have a set that makes you fly in amusement parks. Swing rides. It’s been with us over a hundred years. You fly single or double on the seats hanged by chains. There are many companies producing these sets. Even it’s the mechanical and material quality that matters, swings are generally trouble free and one of the indespensables of an amusement park. There are 2 different sizes; for children and for adults. We always set at least one swing ride in our parks.

Let me introduce you to gigantic models, almost a hundred meters height and increasing numbers over a ten since last couple of years. Frankly these models can not be compared with eachother. For starters, we know these kind of big sets as “Trill Rides”. The meaning of Thrill Rides is; very exciting in nature and gigantic sized amusement park attractions.

Believe me when I say, it takes guts to fly this time. Even roller coasters make you experience another kind of thrill, this is an unlike set. You are being taken up to a hundred meters high and you fly at the highest point, if you have courage, with open eyes… A flying experience that makes you feel a whole day mood changes in 3 minutes.

In photo, you’ll see SkyScreamer which is exactly 125 meters height. For who may wonder, this set is in one of Six Flags parks, in Mexico City. 3 minutes flight speed is 64 km/h !

To give you some courage, even these can be found only in some models, there are double seats. Doesn’t it feel encouraging with a lover you feel safe with, your spouse, mother, father, brother/sister or a friend? You are not alone even when screaming. Living these moments is prizeless with a person sitting so close, right near you and stays in your mind as an unforgetable memory.

Six Flags Texas Skyscreamer

Six Flags Texas Skyscreamer

Wish you collect people and memories; joy of life that makes you feel like flying… Have a nice flight.

For those interested on technical details;

We seperate them into groups by names; mini, medium and large. A mini swing ride starts average of 3,18 meters height. Their energy is 1.5 KW. These numbers increase according to the size growth and demanded height. Given average and exact numbers are only for mini sekolin “swing rides”.

The choice is yours for colors and patterns, although appearance is the same. Surely there are standard models but a work is needed to be done for a theme and decor suited to the park. For the lighting option, using LED lights gives you advantage in long term usage.

Set up takes 2 days for children swing rides. It’s maximum 5 days for a medium size sekolin. Building process starts from the centre part where you don’t see, then doors are being mounted and finally swings are being connected. That’s all!






Batman the Ride

Batman the Ride was announced officially on 28th of August, 2014 by “Six Flags Fiesta Texas” located at San Antonio which is one of the three park of Six Flags. Announcement day was also my birthday. I have been waiting for this ride passionately and it was nice to see this ride on my birthday; felt like having another gift  on birthday. 

Six Flags Parks have been in cooperation with Warner Bros.'s company of DC Comics for theming the rides and use DC Comics characters in their parks. Check out the amazing color match of yellow and black.

Batman the Ride starts a new age at amusement rides. It is the first 4D Free Spin roller coaster in the world. Probably, it is one of the most attractive and interesting ride nowadays. The manufacturer of this amazing ride is another American company, S&S Worldwide.

On presentation, they say, 'You don't need a Batsuit to ride, just Batman-level bravery!' about this roller coaster. If I have to give a summary of this three minute of an excitement coaster, riders can sit four across in two rows for a total of eight riders per train. The seats go forward and backwards and turns in itself. As you board on your vehicle, you will notice facing other passengers from the other seats. The track is up to 311 meters long. The journey starts with an elevator that climbs up to 36 meter and when you reach to the highest level of the coaster, you will begin to tumble head to toe. As the world's first coaster to use this type of magnetic technology, you will feel weightless as you drop down two beyond 90 degree free fall drops. Your journey goes on with eight times flip and come to an end with twelve story lift. The excitement gets higher even more with its special effects and soundings.



The ride represents the latest coastering technology and designs where you cannot find in no place on Earth, but we cannot know that for sure, if we do not try it right?

One of the most common apply on children to ride coasters is the height restriction. You have to be taller than 122 cm. At the entrance of each rides, there is measurement for the heights, so there is no way escaping from the precaution. :)

If you are planning a visit to America, this advice will make your trip so much more fun and unforgettable. Now that there is new theatre coming up in 2016, this will be a good practice for Batman world. Here is the address if you heading through Texas; 

17000 IH-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78257 Six Flags Fiesta Texas

For the ones that are planning a visit to Unites States, i am sure they will think twice after this video;